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Anti Ageing Treatment

Age management and anti ageing treatment is most important aspect of skin maintenance at all ages for youthfull flawless skin with the help of latest anti ageing procedures for age management and prevention of skin ageing at early stage.

Best Anti ageing treatment by latest procudures with the help of advanced age management equipments and best FDA approved injectables.

Anti ageing treatment for loose and sagging skin, fine lines, age spot, sun spot and for improvemrnt for texture elasticity and tonning of the skin. .

What is Skin Ageing
Anti Ageing Treatment
Skin Care Tips
Anti Ageing

Skin ageing is a process in which the body metabolic processes slowdown. There is reduced activity in all skin cells, reduce the circulation within the skin, the nutrition requirement of the cells are not met and even the tissue recovery process is slow. Ageing leads to dull & sagging skin, increased sensitivity, dryness, brown spots, fine lines & wrinkles.


There are two main causes of ageing:

  • Ageing due to natural process of life.
  • Ageing due to environmental factors
a.Exposure to sun (UV radiation)
b. Cigarette smoking
c. Change in climatic conditions and air pollutants.
d. Mental & physical stress is one of the major reasons.
e. Lack of proper nutrition is the key factor for ageing.

UV radiation on both UVA & UVB cause skin damage & tanned / sunburned skin, pigmentation, wrinkles and lastly skin cancer


  1. Prevent damaging skin cells
  2. Protect the skin from UV radiation & environmental distress
  3. WATER . . . WATER  . . . WATER . . . maintain hydration
  4. Renew cell growth by shedding the old & stimulating the new (exfoliation)
  5. Judicious usage of sunscreen (SPF) 30 -50 depending upon your skin
Some Useful Tips
  • Make exercise a compulsory routine part of your lifestyle
  • Walk everyday this improves blood circulation boost the Metabolism.
  • Sleep for minimum 6 hours a day and feel refresh. Power naps are very healthy for skin.
  • Eat Healthy diet adds lots of fruit and vegetables .Make your Plate colorful this adds nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Drinks lots of water at least 8 glasses are necessary, herbal tea, fresh juice helps wash away the toxins and hydrates the body and supply the micronutrients and brings the glow in the skin.


DERMATOLOGICAL PROCEDURES Cosmetic exfoliation by dermatologist . . .

Organic peels: AHA & PHA (chemical peels) and we can apply antioxidants like idebenone, co-enzyme Q10 Superficial peels: Skin polishing, Microdermabrasion and Laser genesis

  • 1. Radiofrequency skin tightening: This treatment can be done in all skin types for peri orbital wrinkles, fine wrinkling & non surgical face lift. In this procedure non ablative radiofrequency waves are used to give deeper skin tightening effect.
  • 2. Botox: It is the safest procedure for non surgical facelift & wrinkling. It is a natural purified proteins relaxes muscles which causes wrinkle.
  • 3. Fillers: As more & more people seek aesthetic improvement without any surgical intervention for them fillers are the best aesthetic treatment which correct laugh lines, lip enhancement, facial contouring and wrinkles.
  • 4. Mesotherapy: This involves injecting micronutrients & antioxidants vitamins into skin
  • 5. Photo/Laser facials: It is a skin repair therapy done by sophisticated photo laser to reduce fine lines, wrinkles & blemishes.
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