Best Birthmark Removal Treatment in Delhi, India
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Laser Birthmark removal treatment In Delhi, India

Birthmarks are of many different shapes and sizes, some appearing at birth and some appearing shortly thereafter. Less noticeable than many other types of birthmarks, nevus birthmarks generally appear on the scalp or trunk and many range from dark brown to a grayish, almost bruise like color.
birtmark treatment

Best Birthmark removal treatment with latest surgical and non-surgical laser technology.

Latest treatment of Birth Mark by Pulse Dye Therapy, Nd Yag/Q-Switch Therapy, Surgical & non surgical treatment with minimum or no scarring

Causes of Birthmark
causes of birthmark
Types of Birthmarks
types of birthmark
Laser Treatment
laser treatment of birthmark
Surgical Treatment
surgical treatment of birthmark
What is Birthmark

A birthmark removal is a persistent mark anywhere on the skin, visible at birth or shortly thereafter (in weeks). It represents accumulation of skin pigment, vessels overgrowth. There is different type of nevus ranging from hypo pigmentation, Depigmentation, red colored nevus and hyper pigmentated or dark coloured. It can be unilateral or may present anywhere in the body. 

Nevi range in color from a light tan to almost black depending on the type and pigment concentration. The skin of a nevus can be different than the rest of the body’s skin. In addition, to more pigment, some types of nevi produce more.

what is birthmark
Cause of Birtmark
  • Birthmark /nevus may occur in people with the genetic disorder.
  • It is seen most commonly in darker skinned – population
Symptoms of Birth Mark
Birthmarks could be-
  • Abnormally dark or light skin
  • Skin lesions
  • Skin-lumps
  • Textures- smooth,flat,raised or wrinkled
birthmark removal procedure
Birthmark Removal Treatments

Pigmentation Type Birthmarks - There are different ways that a birthmark can be removed, depending upon its type, size, location and other factors. 

Birthmarks are usually removed by different surgical and non surgical procedures.
Now a days we use specific wave length of light which is transmitted through the layers of the skin to heat the vessels below the skin which cause lesions .The light is transmitted at regular intervals so that the effect will be on the required area or not on the adjacent tissues. The duration, number of sessions and treatments will depend on the location, size and extent of the birthmark. The advantage is that it leaves no marks. It is useful where the marks are close to the surface of the skin .This procedure can either eliminate the birthmark completely or prevent it from further growth.

birthmark surgery
Birthmark Surgery

This method is used when other non-surgical treatments have not worked.

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