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Chemical peels?

Skin cleansing procedures like Scrubbing and exfoliation have been in use since ages and are known to have wonderful rejuvenating effects on the skin. When this very process is performed using chemicals, the process is termed as Chemical Peeling and the cleansing agents used are termed as Chemical Peels. This technologically advanced process of exfoliation shows dramatic results and is performed with high precision in the various outlets of The National Skin Centre Delhi.

What is a Chemical Peel

Mild lotions that are applied on skin in order to facilitate burning off of the outer skin layers are known as Chemical Peels. After application these peels are allowed to stay on the skin for a certain point of time during which the acids burn off the outer skin layers and once the procedural time is over the chemical reaction taking place is neutralized with the help of alcohol or simply washed off with water leaving a fresh and glowing skin.

What can Chemical Peels Treat

Chemical peels that are carefully applied in the South-Delhi centre and other facilities of The National Skin Centre show remarkable effects in skin- brightening and effectively treat the following skin conditions:

  • Darker Skin
  • Spots, freckles and uneven pigmentation
  • Dull and luster less skin
  • Scars
  • Acne Marks
  • Wrinkles
  • Sun Burn
  • Spots, freckles and uneven pigmentation

Who can opt for Chemical peels

People with a lighter skin tone can always opt for this form of treatment.

People who are advised not to opt for chemical peels are those who have darker skin stone, have very sensitive skin and have weak immune system that cannot counteract the action of strong chemicals on the body.

Superficial Peels:-

These are of the mildest kinds and in this kind of treatment a layer of phenol based cream is applied on the skin and left for hardly about a few minutes after which it is removed using alcohol or washed off using water. This procedure is usually performed to bring back the glow on the skin.

Medium Peels:-

In this form of treatment, the acid based lotion is left on the skin for little longer to allow burning off of deeper skin layers. This can treat fine lines on the skin and light blemishes too.

Deep Peels

While the other two are simple outpatient procedures and may not need any critical care, this is more intense in form and can be performed only with the use of vital sign monitors in the presence of doctors and paramedics. In this, not only is the acid based solution left on the skin for long, it is also more concentrated meant to cause second degree burns on the skin. This treatment, though painful shows dramatic effects and can cure wrinkles, dark spots, blemishes and all other kinds of skin deformations on the face.

Chemical peel procedure Video is given below :

Is it painful?

While in superficial peels there might be slight pricking and itching sensation, in the medium and deep peels people do experience which is effectively alleviated when the procedure is being performed in The National Skin centre with the administration of oral sedatives, local anesthesia and even injections.

Pre-Treatment Precaution:

Before going for Chemical Peels treatment, best doctors employed with The National Skin Centre always suggest that patient first discuss their medical history with their dermatologist.

People who have gone through any acne treatment just few days prior to the schedule decided for the peels should avoid going through the procedure at all costs.

Doctors may also suggest discontinuation of certain medicines before starting with the chemical peeling procedure.

Post Treatment precautions

The post treatment precautions completely depend on the kind of peels used.

Since all forms of peels are based on burning off of the outer skin layers, redness in the area treated is common to all.

Application of cold compress, regular and timely medication as well as dressing (in case of deep peels) are also a must.

Sun-exposure and exposure to any direct rays should also be avoided.

However, side effects are rare when the procedure is performed by a qualified dermatologist.

Cost of Chemical Peels:

While superficial peels are the cheapest, the cost of medium and deep peels may be slightly higher owed to complexity of procedure involved. Having said that, it should also be stated that when these procedures are performed in The National Skin Centre outlets in South-Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida etc, the cost incurred is remarkably low.

Procedure Time

While superficial peels may take just a few minutes, the medium and deep peels may take about an hour or two. Also while the down time in superficial peels is absolutely zero, those in medium peels and deep peels is slightly on the higher side as the skin which is burnt to a greater degree in these procedures needs more time to heal before exposure to external environments.

Chemical peels when applied to get a fresh and healthier looking skin in The national Skin Centre state of the art facilities in regions of South-Delhi show remarkable effects in skin-brightening and bringing back the glow on skin.

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