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Hair thinning is reduction in the density, quality and coarseness of hair over scalp both men and women can get hair thinning which can be prevented and treated by latest procedures.

Hair Thining can be treated by hair supplemens, treating the medical condition which is causing it and to avoid the use of chemical styling products, physical and thermal trauma.

We offer best hair thining reatment after dignosing and removing the root cause of hair thinning by latest theraputic procedures.

Hair Thinning
Basic Tips
What is Hair Thinning

Hair thinning is a very common condition increasing day by day because of changing life style different hair styling products which leads to decrease in the quantity, quality, and thickness of hair follicals. but it can be because of nutritional deficiency also, over styling too much use of harsh chemicals, hair products can damage and leads to follicles breakage and hair thinning .Underling health problems, medical conditions, untreated health disorders, and scalp problems can also lead to hair thinning.

Causes of Hair Thinning

There are multiple reasons of hair thinning there are certain causes which is not in our control like hereditary problem, we are pre disposed to hair thinning genetically, others causes are controllable like deficiency, stress, medical conditions drug induced and over styling. -

1.Physical stress

physical trauma or stress like acute illness, severe fever ,any accident, can lead to temporary hair thinning in which hair cycle is disrupted and hair goes pre maturely in a falling phase ie telogen phase from growth phase anagen phase. Hair thinning is generally visible three months after the incidence .In Pregnancy because of it is because of hormonal changes and physical stress bot generally seen three months after child birth not in pregnancy.

2. Nutritional deficiency

Improper nutrition deficiencies of vitamins antioxidants mineral essential fatty acids and protein etc, taking more of junk rather than nutritional valued food required for healthy hair .sudden crash dieting can also cause hair thinning

3. Underlying medical conditions

Under lying medical conditions like hormonal disturbances, PCOD severe or chronic illness, anemia or thyroid problem and untreated medical problems and certain scalp problems.

4. Drug induced

Certain Drugs like few blood pressure medication, blood thinners, antidepressant and some other medications, over vitaminosis. chemotherapeutic agents can also lead to hair thinning which generally reverse back after several months after stopping the drug .

5. Over styling

It can be damaged break and become brittle lusterless by frequent use of hair styling agents which gives a mechanical. Chemical or thermal trauma and leads to hair thinning.

How to prevent hair thinning


Proper nutrition with lots of fresh fruits vegetable salad and proteins inform of pulses, nuts, beans,and milk products with less fat or egg white fish and white meat as per your caloric daily demand and never to skip meals.


Take care of your health problems like anemia, thyroid, diabetes and other chronic illnesses. If you have any scalp infection like fungus or any other disorder get it diagnosed and treated. Adequate sleep and stress management is also important.


One should always be soft to hair not to pull and brush vigorously avoid physical, chemical or thermal damage to your hair in form of hot curlers straitens irons and harsh chemical products.

Treatment of Hair Thinning

Treatments of hair thinning depends on the cause of it and by avoiding the problem which may have caused hair thinning. In most of the cases of physical trauma or illness hair regrows on its own after after several months after curing the trauma or underling disease but if one fells thinning of the hair and decrease density after wore wane must seek the opinion of specialist to find the cause get it diagnosed and treated. Treatment varies from person to person and can de different in men and women most of the patient can be treated by oral medications, nutritional supplements for hair repairing topical solution but in few cases we might have to take some simple therapeutic procedures

Procedure to correct hair thinning
  • Biostimulating Laser for thinning hair
  • Meso for thinng hair
  • Prp for thinng hair
  • Serum for thinning hair
  • Growth factors infusion
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