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Nocturnal Emission
Nocturnal emission occurs once in 15-30 days time it is considered to be normal. However if the frequency of nightfall increases to twice or more a week it signals abnormality .Since high frequency of night fall can cause hormonal disorder.
Nightfall Treatment

Best Nocturnal Emission or nightfall Treatment in Delhi

Nocturnal Emission or nightfall is an involuntary ejaculation of semen that occurs during sleep. 
It is also called as wet dream or an orgasm during sleep. Sometimes a person wakes up once the orgasm has occurred but in others instances, the person sleeps through it. 

What are the Symptoms of Nocturnal Emission?

Nocturnal emission or night emission may accompany by erotic dreams where person experience ejaculation of semen during sleep. While this is often an uncomfortable subject and can leave one feeling like they are abnormal, nocturnal emission is actually quite common. The dream fantasizes a sexual activity with all the steps of romance included. Ejaculation may be or it might just be a few shorts. It is a common occurrence in many men especially during adolescent    stage. 

What are the Causes of Nocturnal Emission?

The discharge of semen during sleep usually occurs as a result of erotic dreams. Men experience nocturnal emission when they reach puberty, but some do not experience it until later in life. Some men do not have erotic dreams until their late teens and some do not have it at all. It basically suggests that a body can hold a maximum amount of semen and when this amount is reached, it needs to get rid of it. It can also be because of diabetes or related problems. Excessive nocturnal emissions are one’s habit of over masturbation.

What are the Treatments of Nocturnal Emission?
Allergen Avoidance-Doctor will help you take steps to identify and avoid your allergy triggers. 
Do not sleep in a room too hot
Do not suppress the pressure for urine
Do not sleep in tight clothes
Do not sleep on your stomach
Do not fear nightfall
Fight lust throughout the day
Avoid masturbation and do meditation regularly

Have a committed stable relationship and focus on loving rather than lustful sexual contact.

Do kegal exercises to strengthen your reproductive system

Increase water intake and take lots of fruits, fruit juices and vegetables daily.

Garlic – 
Garlic contains allicin, an ingredient that increase blood flow to the penis and stimulates sexual desire and production of semen. Watermelon- Watermelon contains high amounts of photo-nutrients called citruline. It works with nitric oxide helping to relax or dilate blood vessels, enabling them to open up and bring more. 

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