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Best Phototherapy or photofacial Treatment in Delhi

Phototherapy treatment is the use of soft light to reverse the damage caused to skin. Phototherapy is one of the best skin enhancement procedures as it is not only effective but safe and cost effective too.

Phototherapy/photo facial is one of the simplest noninvasive aesthetic procedures for blemished damaged skin with fine wrinkling because of solar trauma environmental trauma work as a complete rejuvenator of skin without any side effect

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LED Photofacial
IPL Phototherapy
Skin Texture
Uses of Phototherapy
What is Photo facial Therapy?

Photo facial is simply the use of LED or Intense-Pulsed Light to stimulate collagen which leads to rejuvenation of skin leaving it looking fresh and young. Photo facials done using LED and IPL differ in methodology and technology due to which it is always best to consult the best skin care specialist before opting for one of the procedures.

LED Photo facials

This treatment is of the milder type and can be easily availed. People who want to get rid of or simply get a healthier and younger looking skin should opt for best LED Photo facials as neither do these procedures carry any risk of burning nor do they have any irritant that may cause trouble later. The only drawback that one may find is that results start showing only after about two to three sessions and not immediately. This treatment is otherwise cost effective, relaxing, and painless and can always be used alongside the routine facials.

Intense-Pulsed Light Photo facials

This cannot be essentially called a conventional photo facial as this procedure, which is indeed a form of phototherapy is primarily used to treat cosmetic disorders of the facial skin like spider veins, facial redness and even brown spots and involves trained medical practitioners. In this treatment a bright light blast is used on the areas to be treated which may be painful and uncomfortable.

Skin Conditions Treated by Photo facials

We Photo facials are known to have given the best results in treating various facial skin conditions facial redness and spider veins. This therapy also finds use in accelerating hair growth, improving blood circulation and properties of the blood as well as in acceleration of wound healing.

Quick Comparison of Skin texture before and after a Photo facial

After taking photo therapy the skin gets a beautiful even tone and shine that could have otherwise only come with months of rigorous skin care regime. It works so wonderfully on the skin’s overall texture leaving it supple and glowing for months to come.

Pre and post procedure care

Pre-Procedure steps to be followed:

  • Stop use of all kinds of exfoliating agents a week prior to the treatment
  • No tanning treatments for at least six weeks prior to treatment
  • Only a thoroughly cleansed and makeup free skin should be exposed to the light beams
  • Men need to shave right on the day the procedure is to be performed

Post-Procedure Steps to be followed:

  • Avoid direct Sun exposure
  • No hot bath right after treatment
  • No makeup for about 24-48 hours
  • No exfoliates to be used on skin for one week post treatment
  • No chemical peels, irritants or microdermabrasion treatments to be performed for one week post-procedure
Uses of phototherapy

Photo facial treatments can improve fine lines and wrinkles as well as reduce pore size. It helps in the production of the new collagen. For patients with somewhat deeper wrinkles (not furrows) or slightly sagging skin, there are other alternative such as radiofrequency.

Who are the best candidates for this procedure?

The best candidates for this procedure are patients of pigmentation and sun damaged skin. Photo facials should be avoided by pregnant ladies and breast feeding mothers.

Best fotofacial results can only be retained over a longer period of time with a regular skin care regimen.

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