Melasma/Pigmentation Treatment in Delhi
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Pigmentation Treatment in Delhi

Pigmentation and blemishesh is most common pigmentry disorder which can be treated by verious Lasers, photo, Peel therapy and medication.

Best treatment for Pigmentation/Melasma & Blemishes by latest therapeutic photo and lasers equipment for long lasting results.

Pigmentation & Blemishes are very common in both men and women can be due to underline disese, nutrational deficency, hormonal changes, excesseve UV exposer or over use of chemicals and cosmetics.

What is Pigmentation
Pigmentation & Blemishes

Pigmentation generally means uneven skin tone. It can generally occur on face, neck or any other part of the body. It can affect people of all ages, nowadays its very common problem. Due to this problem the patches of the skin become darker than the rest of the surrounding skin area. Pigmentation varies from mild spots to extreme dark patches. If a person is having mild spots on face it can be corrected with light chemical peels, lasers or one can use skin lightening creams to correct it.


Pigmentation can be caused due to several reasons like…

  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes in women during pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Aggressive skin treatments
  • Frequent use of hair dyes.
Types of Pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation:-it can occur due to the increased melanin deposition in epidermis or dermis (skin layers).

Melasma: - uneven pigmentation on the face is commonly called Melasma. It can be present in the form of dark brown spots or black skin patches. When a person comes in contact with excessive sun exposure then Melasma can occur. It can also occur due to health issues, hormonal changes, pregnancy, menopause or use of oral contraceptives.

Freckles: - mostly freckles are genetic and are very prominent on light complexion people. It can also cause excessive and uneven freckles if not prevented from sun exposure.

Dark patches and blemishes:-
Dark patches are most common nowadays. There are various reasons behind it like heredity, hormonal imbalance, stress, inadequate sleep. These look very prominent from the rest of the face. So one should prevent from solar exposure and should take adequate sleep and drink lots of water to prevent further darkening or one should consult an experienced dermatologist who can help you to get rid of this problem.


One can prevent pigmentation by applying good amount of sun block on the face just half an hour before exposure to sun. One should always check the following two things on the sun block before purchasing it; it should have mentioned ….PA+++ and should contain minimum PPD 38. One should repeat sun block at least 3 to 4 times a day.

Pigmentation / MelasmaTreatment

There are various treatments available to correct pigmentation/Melasma and some of the most common are:-

  • Photo therapy: -Melasma/pigmentation treatment with intense pulse light is very effective and nowadays it’s the best treatment available for pigmentation. It fades or lightens up the spots on the face.
  • Chemical peel: - TCA peels or deep pigmentary peels can be taken to correct the pigmentation. It exfoliates the layers of skin and fades the dark spots and black patches.
  • Laser skin resurfacing:- laser resurfacing technique can also be used to correct it.
  • Topical skin lightening creams:- one can apply skin lightening creams which will help you to fades off the spots.

Before opting for any procedure it’s very important to consult an experienced dermatologist. Let the doctor access the depth of pigmentation and according to that he will help you with the procedure which will suit you the best according to your skin.

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