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Pubic lice Treatment

Pubic lice are small, six-legged creatures that infect the pubic hair area and lay eggs.
Pubic Lice
Pubic Lice
What is Pubic Lice

These are also called crab lice or “crabs” pubic lice are parasitic insects found primarily in the pubic or genital area of humans. Pubic lice feed on your blood and their bites can cause severe itching

where are Pubic Lice found?

Pubic lice usually are found in the genital area on pubic hair, but they may occasionally be found on other coarse body hair, such as hair on the legs, armpits, beard, mustache, eyebrows and eyelashes. 

Symptoms of Pubic lice

Itching is the most common symptom of a pubic lice infestation. Because itching often leads to scratching, multiple small scars may also be present .This can worsen at night when the lice become active 

what are the Causes?
  • Pubic lice usually are spread through sexual contact and are most common in adults.
  • Pubic lice can spread through contact with objects such as sheets, blankets, or bathing suits at a store.
  • Pubic lice found on children may be a sign of sexual exposure or abuse.
  • Animals cannot spread lice to humans.

What are the Treatments available?

In over the counter lotions or shampoos don’t kill your pubic lice; doctor may prescribe stronger treatments, such as

  • Malathion (Ovide) - Apply this prescription lotion to the affected area and wash it off after 8 to 12 hrs.
  • Ivermectin (Stromectol) - This medication is taken as a single dose of 2 pills, with an option to take another dose in 10days if the treatment isn’t initially successful.
  • Lindane- Because of its toxicity, Lindane is usually prescribed only when other treatments fail. Apply Lindane to the affected area and wash it off after 4 min. It’s not recommended for women who are pregnant or breast- feeding or for children younger than age 2.
  • Boil your clothes, bed sheets and bed covers so that other person doesn’t get infected as it is highly contagious.
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