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The National Skin Centre

About the Journey of Dr.Navin Taneja Best Dermatologist in Delhi, India

The National Skin Centre founded in 1991,whose mission is to advance excellence in Cosmetic, Aesthetic and Clinical dermatology, tricology and sexual health.

The National Skin Centre is founded by Dr.NavinTaneja.(MD) Dermatologist & Cosmetologist.Dr.Taneja is a renowned cosmetic dermatologists.His impressive client comprises of prominent personalities from various walks of life-Media,Fashion,Industrialists and Socialities.

The National Skin Centre is where the art & science of skin care come together.Acentre dedicated to medical excellence in the field of Dermatology,both Cosmetic and General with international accrediations and facilities.We offer scientifically proven treatments using US FDA approved technology.

With completely new look and the provision of services along international lines, the clinic provides a complete range of skin and hair care treatment. Excision of skin lesions and warts by radiodermo surgery &cryo are among the many services available in this ever expanding department.We offer expert treatments for disorders like vitiligo(leukoderma),psoriasis,acne&eczema.Laser Hair Reduction,cellulite treatment and skin rejuvenation therapies are constantly being improved by new technologies & research in lasers.

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality of care to patients with skin disorders. This entails the application of the newest advanced in the diagnosis & treatment of skin diseases in an atmosphere of compassion & respect.

The department is totally geared to meet the challenges of the sexually transmitted diseases.Patients of venereology are being managed by department.In conjunction with latest investigated & treatment modalities.Whilst readily accessible The national skin centre is directly located in a professional environment and all consultations are handled with the utmost considerations to privacy.

It is here where you’ll find a wide range of comprehensive treatments forchildren,adolescent and adults.whether your concern is an occasional flare-up,achronic skin disorder or cosmetic condition ,you’ll find solutions for all your personal skin & sexual concerns at the national skin centre guided by board certified dermatologist Dr.NavinTaneja.

Our expert staff is dedicated to service excellence .Our staff educates you on the how’s and whys of your treatment program and guides you through the entire process.At the national skin centre ,you can always depend on a warm welcome and personalized support. APPOINTMENT AND CONSULTATION To schedule an appointment ,please call…9811300536/539 new patients are always welcome.Our staff will be pleased to assist you in anyway possible and all efforts will be made to accommodate your schedule .Everyone in our office is at your service. Typically,the office remains open all weekdays throughout the year.