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Fractional Laser for Acne Scar


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TCA Peel, Phenol Peel, Salicilic Acid Peel, Resurfacing with Microdermabrasion

Acne Scars Removal Treatment

Acne scars left on the facial skin due to severe outbursts of acne not only take a toll on the look of a person but also diminishes the confidence. Severe and permanent blemishes on the skin due to acne scars are quite common and so one has to undergo the best scar treatment as soon as these marks start showing up.

At The National Skin Centre clients can get effective and affordable acne scar treatment from reputed dermatologists. With the help of the holistic and highly affordable treatment procedures available in reputed skin care centers in areas around South-Delhi, NCR and Ghaziabad, it is now possible to get rid of acne scars once and for all and get back the glowing skin like before.

What leads to these scars?

Acne scars are mainly the result of acne on skin. Acne causes the accumulation of pus under the epidermis and when the accumulated toxins do not get an exit they start digging deeper into the skin, thus leaving a deep scar when finally redeemed. Moreover, the deep pits on skin harbor dirt and dust from the surroundings thus causing further damage to the skin by destroying the follicle wall. Once the healthy skin tissues are damaged, scars start appearing on the skin, which can sometimes be permanent. Acne scars are detrimental to the look and confidence of the person and need to get the best skin care treatment.

The prevalence of acne is mostly found among teenagers especially during the stage of puberty. Hence, people must find best acne scar treatment clinics in order to get rid of the problem once and for all.

Scar removal treatment Procedure:

These are numeroIndia has some of the Best clinics in the NCR region that offer specialized acne treatment services to clients. There are several procedures that dermatologists use to treat these scars and few that are used most often are:us procedures that can be used to correct acne scars .Each procedure has its own risks and benefits, and several procedures are normally combined to create the smoothest appearing skin.

Fractional Laser Resurfacing -

The Fractional Laser Resurfacing is one of the most important and reliable severe acne treatment methods at present. In most of the cases YAG lasers of erbium glass and carbon-dioxide gas are used. The laser burns the upper layer of the skin in order to make way for new skin. As new skin develops the acne scars are automatically eliminated. .

Dermal Fillers -The use of Dermal Fillers as an effective method of acne treatment has emerged quite effective of late. The fillers that are mostly used nowadays are polytheyl-methacrylate microspheres with collagen, hyaluronic acid derivatives, human collagen, bovine collagen and simple fat. Being made of completely biological substances, these fillers do not leave any negative effect on the skin and can fill the scars quite easily.

Needle Subcision or Undermining Of Acne Scar - It is a technique through which a needle inserted from the side of the scar is swept to the sides to severe the scar bands. Scar bands thus broken allow small collection of blood (hematoma) to form. After a few days the hematoma is absorbed and the scar surface is elevated. .

Chemical Peels For Acne Scar Removal - An acne specialist can also use chemical peels to treat the acne scar if the process seems fit. These peels are made of acid chemical solutions and can be used effectively in the treatment of acne scars. The chemical peels burn the upper layer of the skin in order to expose the inner layer which is fresh and devoid of scars. However, the Best doctors always suggest a patch test before subjecting the clients to this treatment procedure. .

Microdermabrasion - For those who are suffering from smaller and not so severe acne scars, Microdermabrasion can be the best possible choice. This process works superficially by exfoliating the upper layer of the skin which contains the scar. However, for more severe scars, this process is not that effective and clients must consult the dermatologists before going through this process.

There are many skin care clinics in South Delhi offering reliable and affordable services in acre scar treatment. The National Skin Center offers the very best treatment for acne scars.

Being one of the best skin care clinics in India, The National Skin Centre offers the most reliable, holistic as well as affordable treatment methods making it the leader in its industry of skin care and cosmetic enhancement treatments.

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