How to prevent psoriasis from spreading

This essay discusses the key aspects of psoriasis, how to prevent its spreading and respective treatment. Psoriasis is an Autoimmune disease (AID) characterized by abnormal red, itchy and scabby splotches on the skin. These spots are although loathsome but aren’t contagious. The five basic variants of psoriasis are plaque, guttate, inverse, pustular, and erythromycin. Many times question arises how to prevent psoriasis and its cure methods.


The symptoms or the patches may not be visible in the initial stage but itching the affected skin can make the spots to crack and bleed. Such lesions may appear on any region on your body. Nevertheless, the condition is a result of the immune system of the person. It makes the skin cells to grow at a proliferated rate and this accumulates on skin resulting in dry skin-flakes. Moreover, people with psoriasis often complain about arthritis, obesity and heart diseases.

How to prevent psoriasis from spreading?

Most commonly a genetic predisposition is thought to be the cause of psoriasis. For instance, if someone in the family has it, the person is likely to be affected.

If that is not the case and you have the right genes, still other reasons could wake up the disease.Cut, burns, infections, several medications, allergic citrus fruits, chapped skin due to old weather, smoking, alcohol are some of the triggers. Severe sunburns may cause flare-up the disease. Notwithstanding to this, many people believe that psoriasis is in control in summers.

Lessen the content of red meat and dairy products in the diet, as they are known to contain arachidonic acid which might worsen the psoriasis symptoms.

Best treatment for psoriasis

Dr. Navin Taneja Cheif Dermatologists at The National Skin Centre recommends regular application of various creams and ointments to control and prevent psoriasis from spreading.

The use of emollients and the right type of moisturizers may reduce the scaling and itching of the splotches.

The “sunshine vitamin” called Vitamin D shifts the balance of the immune system and how to prevent psoriasis from Dovonex ( a man-made form of Vitamin D) ointments and creams are the best remedies.

Coal tars have been used since years to cure psoriasis, but don’t apply it without doctor’s prescription.

What do you mean by getting a Botox

Botox, a brand name for Botulinum toxin A, is traded in market in the form of an injection so as to give you a totally rejuvenated face which is free from wrinkled lines. There are 7 types of such toxins from Type A to G. Although widely popular and used by many A-listed celebrities, Botox is still known for its infamy due to its aesthetic use.


How long does it take?

Getting yourself botoxed will take not more than 10 minutes. With no use of anesthesia, Botoxing in a common parlance, means injecting your withered skin with a neurotoxic protein to sculpt your face the way you want it. Such injections don’t hurt. You may only experience a tingle. One might get red spots but then it diminishes the other day.

Why it is used?

Every person who cares about the way he/she looks is always worried about their sagging skin and losing plumpness from their face. Botox helps them to primp up their shriveled face. Botox is by and large used to treat muscle spasticity disorders to inhibit overactive muscle movements. Besides Botulinum toxin is also used to cure excessive sweating and other allergies.

How long does it lasts?

On an average, a Botox injection lasts for 3-5 months, depending upon the body’s soaking capacity. For some, it might also work for 9 months. It is to be noted that once the Botox wore-offs, your skin may get back to normal. Although with less severity, the wrinkles reappear and the patient may treat it again.

Dos and Don’ts.

Always make sure to consult an experienced practitioner and use fresh Botox.
Never overlook the potency of the units of Botox used on your face.
Injecting wrong muscle on the face might result in difficulty to chew solid food, giving you heavy feeling. It may even paralyze muscles.

Alternatives to Botox (how to avoid Botox)
Facial-massage and exercising would help to reduce physical signs of aging.
Include omega3, fatty acids and tomatoes in your diet regimen for skin-resilience.