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Best Effective keloid removal Treatment

We do so much to keep our skin clean, smooth and shiny. To maintain a spotless, flawless skin, we run a routine of cleansing, scrubbing, moisturizing and more, and this takes a lot of labor. However, sometimes, even after taking care of your skin religiously, there are some skin problems that are beyond our control. Keloids is one of such skin troubles. Keloids are often formed after a deep cut or surgery. In addition, acne, vaccines, ear piercings, injections and burns can also result in keloids. It is your body’s own defensive mechanism where scar tissues form in excess to protect your skin. Keloids do not cause any health hazard but they may appear like giant scars you want to get rid of. They are like hard, shiny and red in color. Sometimes, some keloids can be itchy and little painful.

There are many ways to treat keloids. Skin specialists have found many treatments that may come as the best effective method of keloid removal as per your skin. As per the severity and skin type, the treatment can be chosen. It is advised to consult with your doctor about the various available options before going for one. Your doctor will be able to choose the best effective method of keloid removal for you. Let us now take a look at all the available treatments.

Cortisone Injections : These are the steroids injections which are usually given once a month. Patients can take the injections until the best result is obtained. They are completely safe as very little amount of steroids gets into your blood stream. It is considered as one of the most safe, easy and painless treatments.

Fractional Laser Treatment: Laser treatment for scar mean deep penetration of light into the reticular dermis, passing through the epidermis. The light helps in re-starting the healing process. What is good about the laser treatment is that it attacks and treats only targeted micro thermal zone and does not affect the neighboring tissues, leaving it normal and intact. In this process, the body is sent signal to heal the area and remove blemishes.

Laser : The pulsed dye laser is another effective treatment for keloids. The therapy allows keloids to look a lot less red and more flattened. It is a simple treatment that may require a few sessions to achieve the desired result.

Cryotherapy : Cryotherapy is performed in various ways to flatten the keloid. It is a popular and the best effective method of keloid removal. It can be done in various ways. First is contact cyro in which dip stick method is employed to smear the applicator on keloid. It freezes the keloid for some minutes and then it normalizes after. A few sessions or may be 3 to 4 are required. Second is cryo-spray. Here, liquid nitrogen is sprayed over keloid and it freezes completely. 2 or 3 cycles of such is required. The results are much better and improved. Third option is intralesional Cryo. It is one of the most popular and advanced treatment for the keloid. The cryogen, which is liquid nitrogen is injected into the keloid until it is completely frozen. Sterile cryo needles are used to perform the activity. The keloid softens in just few minutes. It is effective, and fast.

These treatments can result in impressive improvement of your annoying keloid’s feel and suppleness. Just take a few sessions of any of the abovementioned treatments and gain long lasting effect. Normally, once treated keloids will not occur in future and will subside for good. So, go on and choose your best effective method of keloid removal and erase them from your skin forever.