How to protect your skin from over exposure to sun

How to protect your skin from over exposure to sun

Sun can have very hazardous effects on one’s skin. Many a time, we do not realize it in the beginning and repent after getting intense sunburns, and irreversible tanned skin. It is very important to start paying attention to exposure to sun right from the beginning in order to keep your skin the way it should be. However, it is almost impossible to save your skin from sun all the time. We all believe that some exposure to sun is important for your body to get vitamin D, but over exposure may cause serious skin troubles. Hence, it is important to learn how to save our skin from sun and its treatment in case of excessive exposure. The best and most easy way to protect your skin from sun is applying sun block every time. Whenever you have to go out in the sun, you must apply high SPF (sun protection factor) sunscreen lotion.

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Extreme sunlight ruins your skin conditions

Be it acne, pimples, blemishes or any other skin trouble, it will always get over intensified with sunlight. Sunlight causes blemishes to get darker and pimples and acnes to leave more dark spots. And since no one has the perfect skin it is must to take precautions in advance. Another major impact of sunlight is aging. It ruins your skin and make it look tired, deficient and unenergetic all the time. If not protected regularly, it can also make you look old. It always better to take precautions but if you cannot, there are a few treatments that you can take benefit of. To start with, laser treatment is often taken by people to get their skin feel new and rejuvenated again. If you search for how to save our skin from sunlight and its treatment, the first choice that you may get is laser treatment. Laser treatment for skin actually works on a number of conditions such as redness, big pores, rough skin texture and tone, lines , wrinkles , rosacea , and pitted scarring.

Myths on catching sun tanning and sunburns

People have many beliefs and myths when it comes to sun exposure. One of such myth is that you do not get sun tan in winters. Well, the only difference in winters is that because of low temperature you do not feel the heat of the sun. Sun is always there to tan you unless it is raining or snowing. It is true that the intensity reduces in winters but you do get sun burn in winters as well. In fact, many times you get more tanned in winters because you go out more to get some sun and secondly, in winters your skin becomes very dry which is more prone to tanning and burning. Hence, look out for how to save our skin from sun and its treatment.

Learn how to save our skin from sun and its treatment available

If you are reading this then it is clear that you have already taken the first and the most important step of looking out for ways to protect your skin. This realization is very important. Firstly, use sunscreen or sun block every time you go out in daylight. Secondly keep your body and face moisturized. Dry skin is more prone to sunlight damaging. Also, it deepens the effects of pimples, acne, blemishes, redness and more. Thirdly, if your skin is damaged to a certain extent already, go for laser treatment. It is safe, economical and easy. With just few sessions, let us say 4 or 6, you can get close to revitalized skin.

What is Laser treatment for acne scars and how it is done

Laser treatment for acne scars has been proven to be the best available treatment to remove stubborn acne scars completely. Laser and intense pulsed light has come across as the groundbreaking, non-evasive treatment promising an enduring solution to your acne scarring. The treatment works by using short pulses of micro-fine laser light, to reach profoundly into the top most layer of your skin. The skin’s own healing process then removes the damaged tissue and rebuilds it with the fresh collagen and gives you the new skin lying under. Normally, one session of laser treatment take about 40 minutes however, it may varies depending upon the area the treatment is being conducted over. Around four to six such sessions are required to rejuvenate your skin. These sessions must spread in the course of at least 2 months. So, now that you know how to correct acne scars with lasers, book your appointment today with your dermatologist to discuss the options.


As we mentioned earlier, acne can be caused due to various reasons. Where some have acne due to excessive oil blockage, others may have due to hormonal imbalance. Hormonal changes can cause blockage of sebaceous glands in the skin. The harm that it causes in and around the pilosebaceous unit, through the acne course leads to acne scarring. Such is the most feared results of inflammatory lesions. Therefore, while analyzing the various options of how to correct acne scars with lasers, one must keep in mind the reason they have acne. To understand the root cause of your acne, your doctor may run few tests and ask a few questions about your lifestyle and diet. These tests are normally very simple and should not cause you any pain or worry.

Choosing the right laser treatment for acne scars

Acne or acne scars can create a very profound effect on one’s psychological, professional and social life. Hence, it is important for you to remove them completely from your face. If you get to erase these stubborn scars from your face, you’d be able to erase that stubborn feeling of low self-esteem and poor confidence from your life too. So, look out for how to correct acne scars with lasers and evaluate your options. There are many therapies that clear acne scars but the one that suits your skin should be chosen. It is highly advised to discuss all the treatments with your doctor first in details. Check all the side effects and procedures. Make sure you have the time to complete the procedure. Remember your dermatologist will be your best partner in taking the right decision.

Erase those stubborn acne scars forever and glow with your new rejuvenated skin

Acne is one of the most common problems that teenagers suffer from. Some may also refer to them as the sign of adolescence or puberty. This is because many a time, acne are caused by hormonal changes. Another major cause of acne is the obstruction of excessive oil trapped in ducts. Skin’s oil is produced to keep the skin moisturized and lubricated but sometimes, when it is produced in excess and gets mixed with pollution and dirt, it can cause acne. However, these acne goes off with time and after about a certain age, they stop appearing. But, what causes trouble are the scars that acne leave, once they are gone. They appear more dreadful than blemishes and some times are very hard to hide even with heavy make-up. Thankfully, there are now a number of remedies that can help you get rid of acne scars. Many dermatologists have done sincere and productive research on how to correct acne scars with lasers.