How to get rid of warts and treatments

How to get rid of warts and treatments

A wart can be defined as a small, hard abnormal elevation of the skin caused by papovavirus. As this virus comes in contact with the skin and results in infection. Warts are contagious and can occur in coming with a surface that has been touched by someone’s wart like towels or bathmats. They can spread from one to another part of the body.


Here are some treatments that can help you in the removal of warts:

Acid (Liquid or Patch) – It is one of the common treatment of wart, a special acid called salicylic acid to apply on the wart. The acid hurts a bit like a sting. Apply it on the wart or put the patch on it that has acid. Before applying the acid soak the wart with warm water and then buff it with any rough thing. This process helps the acid to work better. The acid peels away the skin and thus the wart comes out.

Freezing Medicine (Cryotherapy) – This treatment is done by a doctor after applying liquid nitrogen on the wart. The wart will be freeze with a spray or cotton swab. It will result in a blister covering the surroundings of the wart. The dead tissues slough off in a week. This therapy is painful and the doctor may numb the area around the wart. To fight viral warts, it requires stimulating your immune system. It is a continuous process and may require a few sittings. In every 2 to 4 weeks a doctor visit is required till the wart vanishes entirely. This therapy after combining with salicylic acid gives even more effective results but is suited for specific cases only.

Surgical process is best suited in case the salicylic acid or freezing medicines do not work, here is a list of few surgical treatments:

Using other acids – The doctor shaves off the wart’s surface and applies trichloroacetic acid with the help of a wooden toothpick. It requires a few sittings at the doctor to get warts completely off. This treatment may cause stinging and burning.

Immune therapy - This treatment stimulates the immune system and fights viral warts. The doctor injects the wart with antigen or applies any solution on the wart.

Minor surgery – The doctor cuts the wart or destroys it with an electric needle. The procedure is painful and the doctor first numbs the area. The procedure could result in a scar so it is used in case of plantar warts when all other treatments have failed.

Laser treatment - Pulsed dye laser treatment is used to close (cauterizes) the tiny blood vessels. The treatment is used to destroy the infected tissue so that the wart falls off on its own. The treatment also requires repeat treatments in every 3 to 4 weeks. Though the procedure is widely used but has limited success and is also very painful and can cause scar also.

Vaccine - HPV vaccine is an effective procedure to treat warts. Although it is not targeted directly at the wart virus, still it affects the virus that causes warts. It is especially useful in case of plantar warts.

Every time Question arise in our mind How to get rid of warts and treatments. These are treatments solve the queries and remove warts from these procedures.

A skin specialist or a dermatologist is the best one to consult your problem with. Take advice from the specialist Dr. Navin Taneja-Dermatologist at The National Skin Center.

How to remove tattoo

How to remove tattoo – Dermatologist’s Advice

Many people get a tattoo on different parts of the body, some feel happy but some of them regret their decision afterward. But treating is better than regretting and that’s why tattoo removal treatments are getting successful day by day. There are many treatments for tattoo removal and all are effective in their place. It is obvious that these treatments have some side effects but benefits are greater in comparison to side effects. Many options are available for tattoo removal treatments like- surgery, lotions, creams, and laser. However, the laser is counted as the best treatment for tattoo removal, so here is the answer to the question, how to remove tattoo?


Surgical Excision
Like other surgical treatments, surgical excision cuts the tattoo from the skin and then the dermatologist sews the skin back. Surgical excision is effective in removing tattoo but it leaves a scar in place of the tattoo. The method is little painful and causes irritation and itching too.

In this treatment, dermatologist removes the tattoo skin layer by layer and finally the tattoo completely vanishes. The problem with this method is also same, it leaves a scar or pale area after removal of the tattoo but it is really effective in getting rid of the tattoo. Alike surgical excision it is also painful and causes irritation and itching of the skin.

Laser treatment- the best treatment
It is an advanced and much effective treatment for removal of the tattoo. It leaves behind clear skin and prevents scars or any pale area. High energy light of the laser is used to break the tattoo into tinier particles which are further absorbed by the skin. According to the size, color, type of ink used, and age of tattoo, you might need to take more than one session to remove the tattoo completely. The treatment can cause slight discomfort that could be eliminated by taking any local anesthesia. Redness of skin and itching lasts for 3 to 7 days and there is nothing to worry about that. Make sure to prevent skin from sun rays by suing bandage or anything else as it could cause problems.

Intense Pulsed Light treatment
More or little it works in a manner similar to laser treatment. Pulses of light are emitted to the skin for the removal of tattoo and the further process is similar to laser treatment. However, the treatment is said to be more effective than laser. According to dermatologists, it is less painful than laser treatment and removes the tattoo efficiently in comparison to the laser. Still, laser treatment is preferred over Intense Pulsed Light treatment as IPL is much expensive than laser treatment.

If you are also fed up with your tattoo that you don’t like or if you are regretting your decision of getting a tattoo you should not wait long. As the dermatologists are providing the best tattoo removal treatments that work effectively. Dr. Navin Teneja is an experienced and qualified dermatologist and helps you with every skin related problem. He will tell you how to remove the tattoo and will advise you perfect treatment. Book your appointment today and get rid of those unwanted tattoos easily.

How To Solve Acne Skin Problems

Solve Acne Skin Problems

Young or old, men or women, everyone loves to look beautiful and charming. But sometimes acne and other skin problems take away the glow from your face and make you look bad. After suffering this, you start using products and try to hide pimples with makeup but sometimes instead of benefits, these products worsen the situation. So it is better for you to follow dermatologist advice and choose the right product according to your skin type. Here are some tips which can be followed how to solve acne and skin problems.

Clean your face with the face wash that is appropriate for your skin type. A right face wash can help you win the half battle while fighting acne. Dermolagica is best for oily skin and Cetaphil derma control foam face wash is the best cleanser for combined skin. Never rub your face harshly, instead pat dry with a towel after washing.

Toning is next step to fight skin problems, Burt’s bees rose water toner is effective for oily skin and for combined skin Instanatural vitamin C facial toner is good. Toner removes excess of oil and prevents skin problems, so using a toner after cleansing the skin is important for your skin.

Don’t use sunscreen if you stay indoor as sunscreens are known to clog pores but if you stay out under sun use Bioderma Photoderm Akn Mat Fluid that causes acne to a less extent. If you stay outside for longer time it is better for you to apply sunscreen again if needed.

Foundation and creams that have salicylic acid present in them are the best to use when you are dealing skin problems. Plus unless you are going to a very special occasion don’t hide your acne with makeup as it causes problems. At night, before sleeping, don’t forget to wash your face to remove the makeup. Use a moisturizer after removing makeup and don’t forget to choose one according to your skin type.

Acne product
There are different types of acne and skin problems and same product can’t fight everything. So, it is better for you to find the type of acne you have and then choose the suitable product to cure. Use the products after removing makeup in the night.

Scrubbing helps in removal of access of oil and dead skin from your face, so make a routine of scrubbing your skin timely. Use the Loreal Go 360 deep clean facial scrub or any other scrub with papaya extracts once a week to treat acne prone skin effectively.

After scrubbing your skin use an effective face pack to control oil and keep your skin glowing. Face pack from tea tree body shop are really best for acne-prone skin. Along with keeping the skin glowing face pack also make it fair and soft. If you don’t feel any better results then it is better for you to consult a dermatologist personally.