What precautions should be taken to avoid acne scars

It is better to treat your acne than to treat your acne scars and pits

Acne is a universal problem that every human being goes through at some point in their life. Most people, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, and living condition, get acne during their teen age. Adolescence is the time when your body goes through a lot of changes. However, hormonal imbalance or change is not the only reason for acne. Some of the other known reasons are pollution, stress, skin type and so on. Acne is not perilous or life- threatening to one’s wellbeing, however, it could be detrimental to one’s self esteem and confidence. In fact, what could be more damaging than acne is the scar it leaves on your face. Hence, in this article we will focus on how we can take precautions to not have acne scars.

Precautions you must take to avoid acne scars

Intense outbursts of acne can result in severe scaring, marks, pores and permanent blemishes on the skin. Naturally, in order to avoid having acne scars, it is important to treat your acne properly.

• As soon as the acne appears, try and use topical cream, gel and face wash prescribed by your dermatologist.

• Stop applying or trying new face creams or lotions that your skin specialists did not prescribe.

• Do not try to pop the acne as it will lead to spot and scar.

• Avoid touching the acne as it may lead to wider spread of the acne.

• Make sure to see your dermatologist as it may be infected acne or cystic

• Try to keep your face clean and avoid direct sunlight as UV rays can further damage the skin

These are some known and very genuine tips that one must use to cease the further spread of acne and even the scarring it causes.

Quick and reliable acne scar treatment for people of all ages

Just because you were not able to take precautions while you had the acne, does not mean that you must compromise with your looks and live with acne scars for your life. Thanks to science, dermatologists have found many ways to treat acne scars.

Fractional laser resurfacing is used for severe scarring. Many patients have achieved desirable efforts with erbium glass lasers. Laser burn the upper layer of the skin and pave the way for new skin, as the new skin appears the acne scars get eradicated routinely. This should be administered by dermatologist and normally, two sessions of it should be enough. Once done, it is important to apply sun block after every three hours so that the new skin does not get darken.

Another popular acne scar treatment is Microdermabrasion. It is for more common scar scaring. The idea is to exfoliate the upper layer of the skin which contains the scar.

Needle Subcision or Undermining is also a known acne scarring treatment. It is given along with the co2 fractional laser to limit the lasers sessions. It helps levelling up the dents and pits the acne scars create. The dents are removed by inserting the needle from the side of the scar and is cleared along the sides of the severe scar bands.

One must remember that your dermatologist should suggest you the right acne treatment. And more importantly, it is best to take precautions while having acne to ensure you do not get acne scars treatment.

what keloids are totally treatable

Good news! Those unpleasant looking keloids are totally treatable

 Whenever your skin undergoes a surgery or an injury, fibrous tissue known as scar tissue forms over the wound to repair and protect the wound. Sometimes, these scar tissue grows unduly and produce a smooth, hard growth, clinically called keloids. Keloids generally are larger than the original wound. People get keloids frequently on getting injured on chest, shoulders, earlobes, and cheeks. However, keloids can appear at any part of your body, where the skin gets ruptured or injured.

Keloids do not give any threat to your well-being, however their unpleasant appearance may bring down your self-esteem. People get it treated for cosmetic concerns.

Many kinds of skin injury can lead to keloid scarring. Here are a few kinds:

 acne scars
 burns
 chickenpox scars
 ear piercing
 scratches
 surgical incision sites
 vaccination sites

Keloids can occur to both men and women. According to research, it appears more frequently to dark skinned people.

Let us take a look at the most effective Keloid treatments:

 Cortisone Injections : Cortisone are the steroids which are given to the patient
in the form of injections. It is usually taken once a month and is continued until
you feel satisfied with the result. It is the most popular and safe treatment for
keloids. Most people opt for it.

 Fractional Laser Treatment: With laser treatment, light is deep penetrated into
the reticular dermis, where it goes through the epidermis. The light enables re-initiating of the healing process. Why many patients choose this treatment is because the laser attacks and heals just the specific micro thermal zone and does not touch the adjacent tissues, and hence, it remains usual and intact. In this process, the body is sent signal to heal the area and remove blemishes.

 Laser : Another known and tested treatment for keloid is pulsed dye laser. It
helps and make the keloids look less red and even. It helps flattens them a little bit too. In order to attain a more satisfying result, patients may choose to get a few sessions of this treatment.

 Cryotherapy : Cryotherapy helps to flatten the keloids. Offered through a few
ways, the most acceptable and productive one is where the dip stick method is applied to smear the applicator on keloid. The idea is to freeze the keloids for few minutes to flatten its appearance for the longer run. It is called contact cyro and it begins to show results after 2 or 3 sessions. On the similar line is the cyro spray
and intralesional cyro, where liquid nitrogen is employed for the freezing of the keloid. According to the severity and the thickness of the keloid, the treatment is suggested by the dermatologist.

In order to decide what keloid treatment is best for your skin type, it is best to visit a dermatologist and get his or her opinion. Only the doctor can advise you on the most effective keloid treatment in accordance with your skin type and the intensity of keloid.

What is warts, types and treatment

Do Not Let Wart Make Your Skin Look Unpleasant, Treat It Today!

What is warts and what are its known types?

A beautiful, flawless skin is what we all dream of. There is so much that we all do to take care of our skin. However, sometimes due to some negligence or contact with people with certain skin problems, we get the virus that can cause unpleasant- looking spots or bumps on our skin. A very common type of skin problem that occurs due to virus transmission is wart.

Often caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), warts are described as rapid skin growth. These are non- cancerous. Wart is mostly skin colored and rough to touch. They occur primarily on elbows, hands and knees. Once, you contact the virus, it lets the growth of keratin, a hard protein in the epidermis (the top layer of the skin) to grow at a faster rate. More than 100 types of HPV are known today, and every kind causes a different type of warts.

Warts have been categorized into three types by the dermatologists:

 The common wart
 Plantar wart
 Flat wart

Common wart usually appears on your hands or fingers. It is treatable, and the right treatment can help further occurrence on your body and even spreading to other people. Secondly, as the name signifies, flat wart is flat on the top and smoother to touch. They appear on the face and can spread if the bearer shaves. Plantar wart come under-surface of the feet. They are thick and often look like corns. The recurrent thrombosed blood vessels make them look like black dots. This wart is uncomfortable becauseit grows within the skin rather than bulging outwards.

How to treat wart of all kinds?

Wart can look very unpleasing on a body and can lower your confidence. They are like tiny bulging spots which do not look natural. It is in your best interest to get them treated the moment you notice them.
The first cue to the kind of wart is its location, where it appears on your body. According to that, the dermatologist will suggest you the least painful, the least damaging treatment.

Let us now take a look at the most commonly suggested wart treatments

 Freezing or commonly known as Cryotherapy, or Liquid Nitrogen Therapy, is used to create a blister under and around your wart. It freezes the wart (liquid nitrogen), that helps the wart and the surrounding skin to fall off itself.

 Radio frequency is another kind of treatment for wart. In this method, radio frequency device or electrodessication is used to cut off the wart tissue to destroy it.

 Immunotherapy is considered the assisting therapy causes it takes topical immunomodulators gels like imiquimod to treat the lesions that may occur due to other treatments.

 Laser surgery has also paved its way to treat wart. It is used for more severe kinds, where other treatments may not do the help. Usually, in cases where laser surgery is suggested, more than one kind of treatment is given.

If wart has spread then, you may be suggested to take more than one kind of treatment. Hence, it is advised to go and see you doctor as soon as you notice it anywhere n your body.

How To Remove Dark Circles Under Eye

Bid Bye To Dark Circles Under Your Eye Aesthetically & Clinically

Dark Circles Under Eye

However, you cannot blame stress or less amount of sleep for your dark eye circles all the time. According to a recent research, it has been found out that many people suffer from dark circles because of the shadows cast by puffy upper eyelids as well as hollows that form as you age.

Dark circles are basically dark pigment around the eyes that are caused primarily due to solar suffering, life style changing factors, heredity and, other reasons. Appearing mostly in adulthood, dark circles can affect both women and men. In some cases, allergies and other skin problems such as eczema, uneven pigmentation, melanin deposition can also cause darkness under the eye. sleeplessness  is main cause of under eye darkness. 70% persons ask how to remove dark circles under eye.

how-to-remove dark circles under eye
how-to-remove dark circles under eye

Dark circle under eye treatment

The first thing that most people would try with their dark circles is home remedies. There are many home- made face packs that promise good results. However, since every dark circle has appeared because of its own different reason, the same treatment would not work for all.

Thankfully, dermatologists of today have done great work in treating dark circles permanently. However, it must be noticed that the treatment depends largely on the cause of your darkness.

It is must to take your doctor’s advice before starting with any treatment or therapy. The skin specialist will first check and analyze the condition of your eye hollowness, darkness and puffiness and will suggest the treatment.

Initially, aesthetic treatments are advised such as healthy diet, enough sleep along with a few skin enriching and nourishing creams. In more severe and long- term under eye darkness cases, noninvasive advanced skin care procedures that are performed with the help of latest soft lasers, mild peels and fine fillers are offered.

Many dermatologists believe that if the skin under eye has enough fat present, then lower blepharoplasty (with fat repositioning) should do wonders as a long-term solution. Absence of fat, may result in filler injection to fill the hollow area and make the skin more nourished and much lighter.

Post treatment care routine

Once, the treatment is performed, the patients are required to follow certain essential steps under the post treatment care routine:
 No direct exposure of sun
 Enough rest and a healthy diet
 Application of soothing lotions and packs that your skin specialist has               approved of

So, it is time to bid bye to the unnecessary superfluous use of concealer and other make- up products to hide your dark circles. Instead, try and meet with your dermatologist and find out the best clinical way of removing those annoying dark circles under your eye. With the help of your dermatologist, not only you will find a better way to improve and nourish your skin but will also learn how to maintain a beautiful, glowing skin. Remember from dark circles to puffy eyes to

hollows, every kind of problem is treatable.

Botox Treatment for wrinkles

Bring Back The Charm And Youthfulness To Your Face With Botox

Botox for wrinkles

Bring Back The Charm And Youthfulness To Your Face With Botox Let us face it, we all yearn to look young and fresh, especially when we start ageing. Beautiful body and gorgeous face with perfect glow and charm is what we all desire, irrespective of our growing age. Thanks to science and body awareness, we can now accomplish looking great for many years. Healthy diet and regular exercise help us keep our body young and active. Another major easy to get and no side- effects treatment for younger looks is botox. Botox takes care of your wrinkles and fine lines. With botox treatment for wrinkles, one can delay ageing and
continue looking young.


Botox is an aesthetic and cosmetic procedure delivered through injections. It helps in relaxing the facial expression muscles which causes dynamic wrinkles. The composition injected to your face is Botulinum toxin type A.  It is very safe and has been delivering wonderful results for more than 15 years now.

Where can I get botox treatment for wrinkles

Botox treatment is best known for wrinkles and lines formed on your face, over the time. Repeated use of our facial expression muscles results in development of skin which lies above to that muscles lead to the formation of lines and wrinkle. These lines are called dynamic wrinkles. Botox can treat the following lines and wrinkles:

 Bunny lines
 Forehead lines
 Frown lines
 Crow’s feet

Botox treatment for wrinkles is for everyone

Botox is no more a celebrity’s thing. Every individual who desire to look young, fresh and firm, can now avail it. Even mothers and aunts can now look beautiful and charming with minimal or no fine lines and wrinkles on their face. Thankfully, both the procedure and the cost of getting botox is quite reasonable. The sessions ae as small as 15 minutes. In fact, you can even schedule your session in the breaktime when you are working.

How much does the Botox treatment cost?

In order to evaluate how much your botox treatment will cost, one should look at the count of units required to be injected to one’s face. The cost depends largely on the dose used and of course, the area required to be treated. Your dermatologist should be able to diagnose and tell you how much the Botox treatment for wrinkles will cost you, in the first session.

Post botox treatment care

After getting your botox injections, your doctor will suggest you a few, easy to follow instructions
for a few days to ensure the best results.

 No massage and facials for 3 to 4 days
 Complete avoidance of sauna steam, heating objects or so
 No exercise or only light exercises
 Imitate the facial expression muscles

Side effects of Botox for wrinkles

The first thought that comes to one’s mind while thinking of Botox treatment for their wrinkles and fine lines is its side effects. According to the most skin specialists, Botox has very limited side effects, and if one promises to follow post botox treatment care, the results will be amazing.

The only side effect that people come across is some softness within 3 days of their treatment.Best results can be seen after a week’s time.

Types of nail diseases and ways to avoid them

Types of Nail Diseases

Fingernails and toenails are the outer part of body which are made of a tough protein keratin.The part which are inside the epidermis are only living part of nail. They protect the tissues of your toes and fingers. So, if you have the healthy then it means you have overall good health.Usually smooth and consistent in color nail are example of healthy nails but if you’re facing problems like nail discoloration and the growth of nails are also not proper in that case it is the sign of serious diseases like lung, heart, kidney and liver diseases. You need to know types of nail diseases and ways to avoid them for an outstanding health.

Nail Discoloration: As we discuss in normal case nail are pale pink in color. The part of nail which grows off the finger is white because it has no connection with vascular nail bed. But some time nails become discolored. The reason of this may be smoking tobacco, certain medications, use of hair dyes and any other skin infection.

Bacterial Paronychia: This is the problem caused by bacterial infection. Due to some reason bacteria enter into nail fold and cause problem. The people, who often bite their nails,incorrectly manicure their nails and who have small injuries face this kind of problems.

Ingrown Nails: this is also a nail disease. In this nails start growing into the skin at the sides of nails. In this situation we should not avoid the problem because it is painful and also lead infection to skin. The reason of this problem is incorrect trimming of nails like too sharp nails curves and some time tight footwear also cause this problem.

Nail splitting: In this nails start to flake into layers. They grow as layers and there is sometime bleeding also from them. The problem is caused due to overuse of fingernails, hands in constant exposure to water and use of nail polish can also be the reason sometimes.

Ways to care and prevent nail diseases

When someone is facing the nails problem then best solution is taking care. Once you start caring your nails you can prevent your nails from many problems. To prevent your nails from diseases and from abnormalities follow these good habits.

1. Never bite your nails.
2. Make sure you use only clippers to cut and trim your nails.
3. Always try to keep your nail dry and clean.
4. Trim the nails regularly and try to trim them just after bath when they are soft and easy to trim.

5. To avoid the breakage of nails use lotion on your nails.
6. In Case you are taking the professional manicures and pedicures try to take it from the certified salon.
7. Consult skin specialist if you are facing any kind of serious problems related with nails.

A best skin doctor will always suggest you a good treatment for nails and you must avoid any kind of DIYs to prevent any further damage to your nails. Dr Navin Taneja at Thenationalskincenter help you with all your queries related to nail and skin problems.