How To Use Chemical Peel for Skin Whitening

Is It Safe To opt For Chemical Peels For Skin Whitening?

Pollution, dirt, overexposure to sun, stress, scars, poor diet and many other such things take a heavy toll on our skin. Our careless attitude along with all these damaging factors, often give us a dark, spotted and highly tanned skin. Too often and too late, we realize the damage we have caused to our face. However, realizing that your skin needs help to get back to still original shade and texture, is indeed your first step towards having a good and healthy skin.

Well, naturally, one may like to try and test the home remedies first as they are easy to get done and are almost inexpensive. Plus, with most homemade facial packs, the worry of side effects is almost zero. Although, unfortunately, not all skin damage or darkening can be treated with home remedies. Sometimes, it is better to seek the advice of a dermatologist.

How to use chemical peel

Heard about chemical peel for skin lightening?

Chemical skin peels such as AHA peels offer mild skin whitening effect. The AHA peels are available in the form of the solutions which contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are Lactic acid, Glycolic acid, Malic acid, Tartaric acid etc.. Dermatologists prefer to use Lactic acid and Glycolic acid as the most skin lightening chemical peels. Chemical peels have shown desirable results for all skin types. Not only the peel can help patients lighten their skin tone but also to rejuvenate and improve the health of their skin. Chemical peels for skin lightening are safe and come with very limited and known side effects. Redness, itchiness, peeling for 4 or 5 days, are a few side effects that patients have reported after getting a chemical peel.

How does the chemical peel work for skin whitening?

The chemical peel, made up of AHA products, works as per its ability to remove dead skin cells layer from the skin surface. The peel helps incredibly in revealing the new, smooth and healthy skin. To whiten the skin, the peel removes the upper skin layers which consist of dead skin. In addition, to help grow new skin, it also impedes the growth of melanin production. It stimulates collagen production and accelerates cell renewal. With these changes, the skin gets moisturized naturally and heals different kinds of skin imperfections such as freckles, pigmental spots, birthmarks and other spots of uneven pigmentation.

The concentration of the acid decides the level of penetration of the peel into the skin. AHA chemical peels are generally mild and use concentrations of about 5-10%. This peel can be applied to any adult with skin issues. However, to gain a more prominent result, peels with the higher concentration of 10-50% are used. It is interesting to note that acid concentrations of 50-70% are also made. These are generally used to treat patients with melasma, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. It is administered under the strict supervision of the doctors.

Use of chemical peels for skin whitening has been in use for a while now. They are considered safe and effective skin whitening treatment. However, one must get it done under strict medical control.

How to avoid acne naturally

Maintain a safe distance with acne & pimples by exercising these tips

A good skin is a blessing that not ever one is blessed with. Most of us must work very hard to maintain a young, glowing and most importantly, a clear skin. Skin pigmentation, spots, acne, blemishes are some of the most common acne troubles that we suffer from. However, what we often miss to focus on is the fact that skin can be taken care of. Skin usually gets damaged because of certain issues and if we try and take care of those concerns then we can avoid skin troubles such as acne to a great extent.

What to take care of to avoid having acne

In this article, we are going to lay stress on how to avoid acne naturally. Yes, acne is something that we can control or prevent from appearing. To understand how we can avoid having acne, we must understand what causes acne. Wrong eating habits, inadequate intake of water, overexposure to sun, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle are some of the most prominent reasons for getting acne. The good news is that all this pretty manageable. We can totally take care of these causes and help our skin stay acne free naturally.


Quick tips on how to prevent acne naturally

Drink water regularly: Our body is 70% water and hence, we must drink more and more water in order to keep it hydrated. Water washes out the toxins, bad bacteria, and waste material from our body. It is the best form of cleanser that our body can use for internal cleaning.

Include exercise in your lifestyle: Yes, you have a lot to take care of, however, a few minutes for a regular workout can do wonders for your body. Walking, jogging and cardio can help you maintain your body in fit shape and get rid of those unwanted toxins. Exercise boosts your body’s ability to produce more oxygen and heal better.

Eat organic and healthy: This is the widest and the most important aspect. Eating healthy is very important for every function of your body. Try and avoid saturated fats and oils. Rely more on natural food items and fruits. Ensure to include fiber such as wheat and brain in your diet on regular basis, as it helps digestion and you get rid of the waste present in your stomach before it turns into acid.

Maintain distance with stress: Stress causes hormonal imbalance and hence, must be avoided to avoid acne naturally. Try and adopt positive attitude and keep stress at a safe distance from body and brain.

Use sunblock: Vitamin D is important for our skin but overexposure to the UV rays can be very harmful. Use sunscreen or sunblock to avoid direct impact of sun rays on your skin. Hats, scarfs, sun glasses are a good option too.

Fruit and organic face packs: To heal your facial skin from the daily exposure of pollution, dirt, sun and heat, use organic, fresh face packs. They provide your skin with the required nourishment and moisture.

The final words of wisdom on acne avoidance

Dermatologists often say that your skin is what you eat. Eat fresh, organic and healthy food and your skin will remain fresh, healthy ad rejuvenated, and most importantly acne free.

How to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles by botox treatment

Botox Treatment: The easiest and the quickest way of getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles that appear on your face with age are often due to the repetitive normal facial movement may botch your face and its youthfulness. People often divert to Botox in order to get rid of these wrinkles and fine lines. Botox has come up as a safe and reliable cosmetic treatment. It has helped millions and millions with rejuvenating their looks and getting their confidence back. It is indeed one of the most easy- to- get cosmetic procedure. Quite popular in almost every country in the world, it is often the first choice and the advice that dermatologists give to patients looking for removing the fine lines.

Botox can make a big difference in your appearance by lightning and by removing frown lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines, forehead lines and other wrinkles from your face. So, if you are also wondering for a quick and easy cosmetic treatment for your wrinkles then talk to your dermatologist about Botox today and every person excitement how to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles by botox.

wrinkles and fine lines

The Cost and Types of Botox treatments available

As of now, dermatologists are known to provide two main types of Botox treatments Type A and Type B. The Type A toxin commonly includes the brands Botox®, Vistabel®, Dysport®, Azzalure® and Xeomin® and Bocouture®), on the other hand, type B toxin is rendered through Neurobloc®. Botulinum type A injections are administered by most of the cosmetic doctors and are performed quite frequently. The injections work fine to get rid of wrinkles and to rejuvenate the facial appearance.

Botox treatment is quite reasonable. It is no more a fancy treatment that only celebrities and businesswomen can get. Today, thanks to its ubiquity, any women can get it done at a decent charge. The cost of the treatment actually depends on the number of injections taken and the size of the area that needs to be treated. One done, the treatment is good for 6 months. You may want to get the procedure done again after 6 months.

Secondly, it takes only 30 to 45 minutes to get a session of this treatment done. Hence, there is nothing like getting hospitalized or doing extra preparations. It is a very simple procedure. Once you get the injections, you may have to follow a few manageable restrictions for just 2 or 3 days. These restrictions are as simple as not going sauna, wearing sunscreen, no exposure to direct sunlight.

Where can I get the Botox treatment done?

Many people commit the mistake of considering Botox treatment a beauty treatment which should be done at spas and salons. Yes, Botox does help in accentuating your beauty and removing facial lines, but it is not a beauty trick. Though non-surgical, injections are a medical procedure which should be administered by doctors only. Only a well- trained and experienced doctor will be able to fix it right. Please remember that Botox is an art and only a good dermatologist should be allowed to do it.