How to reduce the size of nose without surgery

Nose size reduce and smaller without surgery

It is very upsetting when you don’t have an ideal nose shape. Despite varied products available on the market as nose thinners, you will not get desired shape and may end up damaging your nose. But if you do not wish to undergo surgery and then aspire to reshape your nose, then there’s no better treatment than dermal fillers. The director of The National Skin Centre, Dr. Navin Taneja,says, “If you want to reduce the size of the nose or get the ideal shape, dermal fillers can contribute in shaping the nose to the perfection, but it always depends on the hands of the doctor that what quantity of fillers he/she uses and of course the insertion of injection at the right place.”

The best part about dermal fillers is that is a non-surgical nose job which does not require you to take local anaesthesia, but only topical numbing cream on the parts of the application of injection. The dents, bump or any sort of irregularity on your nose is what troubles you every day, but dermal fillers make it go at once and make your nose look stylish and satisfactory.

Rhinoplasty is indeed a painful treatment in which one has to go lengthy surgical procedures with general anaesthesia and has to face a downtime of one to three weeks for sure. But dermal filler is what makes you feel like free right after the procedure and that you make go to your work like every day.

The nose job by dermal fillers suits best with the conditions like a flat bridge, slightly-crooked nose, bumps, asymmetrical nose and when one needs refinement of the nose after Rhinoplasty. Depending upon the individual
factors, the dermal fillers can sustain for 1 to 2 years as the effects are long-lasting. But to get the perfection, you generally need to repeat this nose job after every 12 months, and sometimes 3 treatments are performed in a couple of months on the soft tissue nose to frame the nose according to the one’s desire.
What you save the foremost in this non-surgical treatment is time and money as it takes hardly 30 minutes to an hour for the whole procedure and costs much lesser than the traditional Rhinoplasty. The happiest part is, you can see the entire process with open eyes and discuss everything about it with the doctors performing it.


Are you facing acne and breakouts and no matter what you do, can’t get rid of them?

Nearly all of us have experienced acne at some point in time in our lives,especially during our teenage. With continuous hormonal changes, teenagers face acne more than anyone. However, anyone can have acne irrespective of their age or gender. “Breakout may be caused by many factors internal and external to one’s body such as hormonal changes, stress, tension, anxiety, improper food patterns like eating excessive auger, not exercising, using wrong products due to less knowledge about the same”, explains Dr. Navin Taneja. To remove your acne and pimples dark spots, some treatments are helpfull in dark spots treatment, it is the big problem how to remove dark spots caused by acne. so firstly we should treat acne by the right and effective method some of them are:


Dark Spot Removal Treatment

 Sunscreen: While the misconception among people is that sunscreen dulls the skin,but it is very much evident that we should put sunscreen for 365 days a year. Sun exposure only darkens the spot, so it’s necessary to put sunscreen as a shield on your face.

 Vitamin C: An orange juice can be of great taste, but it is known by fewer people that it acts as a topical antioxidant in blocking the free radicals of your skin from the oxidative damage, thus produce melanin to reduce darkening of the acne spots.

 Hydroquinone: One thing which has been a gold standard for spots treatment is undoubted “hydroquinone”. It helps in the production of melanin by inhibiting tyrosinase- an enzyme discouraging darkening of the spots.

 Kojic Acid: The mushrooms and fermented rice are the parents of Kojic acid
which is popularly used by the people facing dark acne spots problem, with skin lighteners (best with hydroquinone).

 Laser treatment: The best you can ever do for your beauty by lighting the acne spots is Laser treatment. The dermatologists at The National Skin Centre uses the focused beam of light on the specific areas and pigments to discourage the pigment particles of the skin. The treatment is done according to the skin texture and colour with an adjusted beam.

 Chemical Peels: You skin is prime exfoliated and gets rid of dark acne spots if you opt chemical peels for your skin beauty. It tends to produce collagen with its active ingredients including glycolic, mandelic, salicylic, and lactic acids.

 Microneedling: This treatment may be risky, so it is advised to take the help of professionals as the procedure is performed by using a medical-grade stainless steel roller which contains hundreds of tiny spikes. Microneedling helps to infuse anti-skin darkening pigments like Vitamin C.

How to reduce oil activity from face

Reduce the oil activity from the face at its best!

The problem with oily skin is that you cannot make it better in ways you are known to. One moment you are feeling fresh and the other moment you are bathing in oily sweat, which causes reckless attention. Don’t worry now, the solution to your oily skin has arrived and the world always needs it. For knowledge, our body produces oil elements to keep our skin soft and for that matter only, our body oil is important, nevertheless, some people have large pores and they are going through hormonal changes. However, oily skin can cause acne and constant skin inflammation. You can either wash your face whenever you feel excess oil on your skin or you can take a medicinal skin treatment for the best.

how to reduce oil activity

Solving the mystery of excess oil on your face

The human body has evolved over the countable years and factors such as rapid climate changes have caused our bodies to adapt to changes. What happens when heat is largely produced? Warmness, right? Well, when our body is designed to release a certain amount of sebum and it is what oil on our skin is, then in some humans, it is released in excess. This substance is naturally produced anxiety reaction in a human body and it can be treated at skin clinic with affordable fees and with long-term positive effects on lifestyle for sure.

Have not you heard of skin hospitals?

Wondering how to reduce oil activity from face? Skin hospitals, which cures the skin’s inflammation, irregular poring, blackheads and whiteheads, and improper toning, are the fresh change of thoughts and they are working towards a better social interacting society. The National Skin Center has taken the charge to free people from oily skins and they believe that our body should be in control of what it should produce in excess or not. This skin centre will take care of every need of your skin.

Think about flawless and shining skin, it feels great, is not it?

The time has taken a leap and come for the oily skin to take back its oil at any cost. The magical expectation you must have or whatever you needed is here and, with the guidance and supervision of Dr. Navin Taneja, you can have the shine and the flawless flaunting of your face at occasions you always desired. Wondering about waiting now? Don’t do it, you just need to take an appointment.

How to makeover by Botox

Botox? The best thing done to your looks!

When everyone is proceeding towards makeover every day due to multiple reasons, Botox has been at the top of the trend. If the problems like dull skin, bumps etc. are troubling you then Botox is what you need right now. Botox is widely used as a wholesome skin treatment for minimizing the wrinkles and fine lines on the human face. It is regarded as a miracle in medical science as it is the treatment for a number of medical situations such as eye squints, migraines and damaged bladders. A single dose of Botox can change your favourite phase of life in a positive way, so getting it today is the best thing you could ever do to yourself.every person question arise How to makeover by Botox, so in the regard i am giving some tips on botox.

botox makeover

The way Botox works in your favour

Botox hinders the nerves that give an indication to some muscles to shrink. What follows further is that the weakened muscles are not subject to any type of movements that is the cause of lines and wrinkles. Though you will be able to still do the facial expressions, the expressions shall be confined. It is after a lapse of a few months that the muscles begin to energize with activity and the effects of face smoothening start and to fade away. At this point, the treatment has to be taken

The feeling you get after the makeover by Botox

•Skin smoothness: Your skin, particularly on the forehead, gets to smoothen. Wondering, why? Well, the face lines tend to disappear when the total amount of muscle activity is diminished due to the relaxing muscles.

• Wrinkles are at full stop: Right after your Botox is done, you feel prevention from unwanted wrinkles and lines. Even if you didn’t have it, Botox puts a full stoppage on the shrinking of the skin and makes you feel all young.

How to makeover by Botox by experts?

According to The National Skin Centre, Botox is the proven treatment for those facial expression lines that are present while you are engaged in the movement of your face and the contraction of your muscles. So, if you are looking for a magical solution to reduce your face wrinkles, get in touch with Dr. Navin Taneja and find the best skin treatment at his specialized Skin Clinic. It’s time to look youthful and lively again, which is perfectly done here at affordable prices.

How to reduce pigmentation disorder

Talk to your dermatologist to cure your unpleasing hyper pigmentation

Pigmentation, often described as uneven skin tone, is a common problem with, mostly, fair-skinned people. Pigmentation can easily occur on the face, the neck or any other part of the body. The most causes of skin pigmentation are stress, smoking, excess exposure to sun, frequent use of hair dye, intense skin treatments, and poor diet. It may occur to people of any age and can if not taken care of, can get darker and darker.

Generally, the skin pigmentation has been categorized into four types:

  • Freckles
  • Melasma
  • Dark spots and blemishes
  • Hyper pigmentation
  • Skin pigmentation does not look very good and makeup does not help enough to hide its effect. Many people are going for treatments in order to get their flawless skin back.

    Treatments available to reduce skin pigmentation

    Thanks to the medical science, there are a few good and healthy treatments available to lessen the effect of skin pigmentation.

    Phototherapy: The most common and frequently suggested treatment. It uses intense pulse light to fade or lighten up the pigmentation spots on your face. The results are appeasing.

    Topical skin lightening creams: The easiest and the cheapest way of reducing skin pigmentation. Skin lightening creams help you fade off the spots; however, the results may vary from skin type to skin type.

    Chemical peel: Also known as TCA peels or deep pigmentary peels is recommended to rectify the pigmentation. It works by exfoliating the layers of skin and lightening the dark spots and black patches.

    Laser skin resurfacing: – Another popular treatment to get rid of those dark spots on your face. It removes the skin layer by layer with care. It reduces scars and acne spots as well.

    Although the above mentioned pigmentation treatments are safe and bear good results when administered under a dermatologist, it is always advised to get your skin properly checked and diagnosed by an experienced dermatologist first. The skin specialists will look for the depth of pigmentation and the cause for the same. The treatment is them suggested based on those lines.

    Prevention from getting skin pigmentation

    The most common reason for getting skin pigmentation is excess exposure to the sun. Hence, the first rule of prevention is sunblock. Ensure to use a sunblock that has PA+++ and contain minimum PPD 38. You may apply the sunblock three times a day.

    • Other preventions may include common health tips such as:
    • Getting a good amount of sleep
    • Taking vitamins and minerals
    • Quitting smoking
    • Using sun protection like proper clothing and umbrella
    • Avoiding stress

shaping up your nose by non surgical treatment

By the Non Surgical method shaping up your nose perfectly

If you ask people about the one facial feature that they would want to change, the most common answer will be -the nose. Most people are unhappy with the way their nose looks. Sometimes, an accident or an injury can damage the right shape of your nose or sometimes, generally you want to shape your not-so-fine nose. And this is the reason why they go for various nose-fixing treatments. Rhinoplasty, the surgical way of correcting your nose is very popular. However, not everyone would like to go under the knife; plus, it is a very expensive and risky treatment. If your cosmetic surgeon is not very experienced, then you may not get the shape of your nose that you aspire for. Secondly, if anything goes wrong, then you may have to go for more nose job surgeries which may be expensive and painstaking.

Thankfully, other than Rhinoplasty, there is one more way of correcting your nose. A non-surgical nose job is very popular for shaping your nose. It is comfortable, less expensive and very quick. Dermal filler, medically known substance- hyaluronic acid, or commonly called Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and Juviderm XC, is injected to mend the dents and bumps.

Why non-surgical nose job is better than Rhinoplasty

The non-surgical nose job uses dermal fillers to get the reshaping of the nose. It is an outpatient treatment where the numbing cream is applied to lessen the pain. It is immediate and has no downtime. Small needles are used to fill the substance. The filler in the nose camouflage nasal irregularities and bumps and dents.

With Rhinoplasty, the patient needs to go under anesthesia, and after, the surgery is done, there is limited downtime of at least three weeks. And if unluckily, the desired shape is not required then it is a long process of rectifying it.

What can non-surgical nose job fix?

  • A nose that is crooked or off – center
  • A nose too big or small
  • An injured nose that is asymmetrical
  • A flat bridge where dermal fillers placement can subtly increase in height
  • A little crooked nose
  • Refinement needed after surgical rhinoplasty

After effects of a non-surgical nose job

Generally, a non-surgical nose job does not give any significant side effects. A little swelling appears temporarily. Bruises can appear in sporadic cases. A treatment should be good for two years, and the results are immediate.

You may need to revisit your doctor after 12 months for re-touch-up. Typically, it takes three sessions to get the ideal nose, and every session takes about 30 minutes only.

How To Use Chemical Peel for Skin Whitening

Is It Safe To opt For Chemical Peels For Skin Whitening?

Pollution, dirt, overexposure to sun, stress, scars, poor diet and many other such things take a heavy toll on our skin. Our careless attitude along with all these damaging factors, often give us a dark, spotted and highly tanned skin. Too often and too late, we realize the damage we have caused to our face. However, realizing that your skin needs help to get back to still original shade and texture, is indeed your first step towards having a good and healthy skin.

Well, naturally, one may like to try and test the home remedies first as they are easy to get done and are almost inexpensive. Plus, with most homemade facial packs, the worry of side effects is almost zero. Although, unfortunately, not all skin damage or darkening can be treated with home remedies. Sometimes, it is better to seek the advice of a dermatologist.

How to use chemical peel

Heard about chemical peel for skin lightening?

Chemical skin peels such as AHA peels offer mild skin whitening effect. The AHA peels are available in the form of the solutions which contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are Lactic acid, Glycolic acid, Malic acid, Tartaric acid etc.. Dermatologists prefer to use Lactic acid and Glycolic acid as the most skin lightening chemical peels. Chemical peels have shown desirable results for all skin types. Not only the peel can help patients lighten their skin tone but also to rejuvenate and improve the health of their skin. Chemical peels for skin lightening are safe and come with very limited and known side effects. Redness, itchiness, peeling for 4 or 5 days, are a few side effects that patients have reported after getting a chemical peel.

How does the chemical peel work for skin whitening?

The chemical peel, made up of AHA products, works as per its ability to remove dead skin cells layer from the skin surface. The peel helps incredibly in revealing the new, smooth and healthy skin. To whiten the skin, the peel removes the upper skin layers which consist of dead skin. In addition, to help grow new skin, it also impedes the growth of melanin production. It stimulates collagen production and accelerates cell renewal. With these changes, the skin gets moisturized naturally and heals different kinds of skin imperfections such as freckles, pigmental spots, birthmarks and other spots of uneven pigmentation.

The concentration of the acid decides the level of penetration of the peel into the skin. AHA chemical peels are generally mild and use concentrations of about 5-10%. This peel can be applied to any adult with skin issues. However, to gain a more prominent result, peels with the higher concentration of 10-50% are used. It is interesting to note that acid concentrations of 50-70% are also made. These are generally used to treat patients with melasma, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. It is administered under the strict supervision of the doctors.

Use of chemical peels for skin whitening has been in use for a while now. They are considered safe and effective skin whitening treatment. However, one must get it done under strict medical control.

How to avoid acne naturally

Maintain a safe distance with acne & pimples by exercising these tips

A good skin is a blessing that not ever one is blessed with. Most of us must work very hard to maintain a young, glowing and most importantly, a clear skin. Skin pigmentation, spots, acne, blemishes are some of the most common acne troubles that we suffer from. However, what we often miss to focus on is the fact that skin can be taken care of. Skin usually gets damaged because of certain issues and if we try and take care of those concerns then we can avoid skin troubles such as acne to a great extent.

What to take care of to avoid having acne

In this article, we are going to lay stress on how to avoid acne naturally. Yes, acne is something that we can control or prevent from appearing. To understand how we can avoid having acne, we must understand what causes acne. Wrong eating habits, inadequate intake of water, overexposure to sun, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle are some of the most prominent reasons for getting acne. The good news is that all this pretty manageable. We can totally take care of these causes and help our skin stay acne free naturally.


Quick tips on how to prevent acne naturally

Drink water regularly: Our body is 70% water and hence, we must drink more and more water in order to keep it hydrated. Water washes out the toxins, bad bacteria, and waste material from our body. It is the best form of cleanser that our body can use for internal cleaning.

Include exercise in your lifestyle: Yes, you have a lot to take care of, however, a few minutes for a regular workout can do wonders for your body. Walking, jogging and cardio can help you maintain your body in fit shape and get rid of those unwanted toxins. Exercise boosts your body’s ability to produce more oxygen and heal better.

Eat organic and healthy: This is the widest and the most important aspect. Eating healthy is very important for every function of your body. Try and avoid saturated fats and oils. Rely more on natural food items and fruits. Ensure to include fiber such as wheat and brain in your diet on regular basis, as it helps digestion and you get rid of the waste present in your stomach before it turns into acid.

Maintain distance with stress: Stress causes hormonal imbalance and hence, must be avoided to avoid acne naturally. Try and adopt positive attitude and keep stress at a safe distance from body and brain.

Use sunblock: Vitamin D is important for our skin but overexposure to the UV rays can be very harmful. Use sunscreen or sunblock to avoid direct impact of sun rays on your skin. Hats, scarfs, sun glasses are a good option too.

Fruit and organic face packs: To heal your facial skin from the daily exposure of pollution, dirt, sun and heat, use organic, fresh face packs. They provide your skin with the required nourishment and moisture.

The final words of wisdom on acne avoidance

Dermatologists often say that your skin is what you eat. Eat fresh, organic and healthy food and your skin will remain fresh, healthy ad rejuvenated, and most importantly acne free.

How to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles by botox treatment

Botox Treatment: The easiest and the quickest way of getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles that appear on your face with age are often due to the repetitive normal facial movement may botch your face and its youthfulness. People often divert to Botox in order to get rid of these wrinkles and fine lines. Botox has come up as a safe and reliable cosmetic treatment. It has helped millions and millions with rejuvenating their looks and getting their confidence back. It is indeed one of the most easy- to- get cosmetic procedure. Quite popular in almost every country in the world, it is often the first choice and the advice that dermatologists give to patients looking for removing the fine lines.

Botox can make a big difference in your appearance by lightning and by removing frown lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines, forehead lines and other wrinkles from your face. So, if you are also wondering for a quick and easy cosmetic treatment for your wrinkles then talk to your dermatologist about Botox today and every person excitement how to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles by botox.

wrinkles and fine lines

The Cost and Types of Botox treatments available

As of now, dermatologists are known to provide two main types of Botox treatments Type A and Type B. The Type A toxin commonly includes the brands Botox®, Vistabel®, Dysport®, Azzalure® and Xeomin® and Bocouture®), on the other hand, type B toxin is rendered through Neurobloc®. Botulinum type A injections are administered by most of the cosmetic doctors and are performed quite frequently. The injections work fine to get rid of wrinkles and to rejuvenate the facial appearance.

Botox treatment is quite reasonable. It is no more a fancy treatment that only celebrities and businesswomen can get. Today, thanks to its ubiquity, any women can get it done at a decent charge. The cost of the treatment actually depends on the number of injections taken and the size of the area that needs to be treated. One done, the treatment is good for 6 months. You may want to get the procedure done again after 6 months.

Secondly, it takes only 30 to 45 minutes to get a session of this treatment done. Hence, there is nothing like getting hospitalized or doing extra preparations. It is a very simple procedure. Once you get the injections, you may have to follow a few manageable restrictions for just 2 or 3 days. These restrictions are as simple as not going sauna, wearing sunscreen, no exposure to direct sunlight.

Where can I get the Botox treatment done?

Many people commit the mistake of considering Botox treatment a beauty treatment which should be done at spas and salons. Yes, Botox does help in accentuating your beauty and removing facial lines, but it is not a beauty trick. Though non-surgical, injections are a medical procedure which should be administered by doctors only. Only a well- trained and experienced doctor will be able to fix it right. Please remember that Botox is an art and only a good dermatologist should be allowed to do it.

Types of Fungal Infection

Can Those Itchy Red Spots on Your Back Be A Fungal Infection?

Have you ever noticed how big is the skincare market? Along with the daily-use moisturizers and sunscreens, there are many other products that are available for good skin care. A beautiful, clean and smooth skin is what we all worked hard to get and maintained. Proper cleaning, moisturizing and UV protection help us maintain good skin. However, sometimes, just moisturizing and cleaning your body does not guarantee a good skin. You may have to go an extra mile to make it better. This is normally in the case of fungal infections. A fungus in skin survives in the keratin, a protein that is found in your hair, skin and nails. Fungus can affect any part of the skin. In fact, the name of the fungus comes from the body part it exists in.

Usually, fungus attacks the inter triginous areas of the body. These areas are the toes, folds under the breast, underarm, genital area. Some kinds of harmless fungus live on the skin all the time, however, if they grow excessively, they can cause an infection. The most common symptoms of fungal infections are red, scaly, rash, and itchy skin.

Types of Fungal Infections

Let us now take a look at the types of fungal infections that may appear on the body.

Ringworms: As the name suggests, this infection appears like a ring. The ring is red and elevated, and the center is usually clean. It has scales, crust or fluid-filled areas. The infection can be itchy and painful. It appears on the trunk, legs, arms, neck and face.

Athlete’s foot: Appearing on the foot, it gives itchy, burning and stinging blisters. The fungus makes the sides and bottom of the foot very dry. The skin becomes so dry that it peels and cracks as well.

Jock itch: This fungus appears in the anal area- buttocks, inners thighs and genitals. Itchy and red, it also gives the skin the burning sensation.

Fingernail fungus: Initially, the base of the fingernail starts to get yellow or brownish in color. If not treated immediately, the fungus can spread underneath. It may also give black and white patches. The nail not only loses its color but also begin to bend in the middle. It becomes brittle and thick.

Candida/Yeast Infection: Caused by Candida species or all yeasts the infection is also known as althmoniliasis, candidosis, and oidiomycosis. This fungus lives in every body, however, it becomes an infection when our immune system is not able to work against it. The fungus gets out of balance and causes an infection. Its symptoms change as per its location on the body. It needs moist area to grow on and hence, under breast, groin, diaper area, are the most suitable for its growth. In case of vaginal infection, it causes severe itching, soreness, burning, irritation. On the tongue, it may look like thick, white lacy patches.

Pityriasis versicolor: A superficial fungal infection, it develops in the hot and humid environment. People who perspire and a lot and have low immunity, get it often. The skin gets white, red or brown patches. The symptoms get better if humidity is decreased.

One must note that all these fungal infections are curable. All you need to do is find an experienced dermatologist and get his or her advice. We will be discussing some of the very effective and popular skin fungus treatments in our upcoming articles.