what is best treatment for psoriasis

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We often hear about people living with the problem of Psoriasis. It is an autoimmune non- contagious skin problem that may occur to anyone, and is sometimes genetic. Psoriasis make patients have red or pink areas of thickened, raised, dry and scaly skin. However, the main reasons that can initiate this skin disorder are stress, cold weather, smoking, and infection such as strep throat or thrush, damage to the skin such as cut, bug bite or intense sun burn, excessive alcohol consumption and some kind of medications. It can cause a level of embarrassment to people dealing with it. Many people who have this skin disorder have reported of low confidence and poor self- esteem because it affects their overall appearance. Thankfully, today, we have treatments where we can reduce the effects of Psoriasis to a great extent. Chronic psoriasis is treatable with topical and systemic medication. Psoriasis can affect various parts of your body and different treatments is used to treat different parts. In this article, we are going to focus on finding the best treatment for psoriasis for scalp.


The well- known and the best treatment for psoriasis for scalp

Psoriasis for scalp is treatable by Excimer laser & Excimer Light. It is indeed the most effective therapy. Some of the other tested and quite successful therapies are Vitamin D, Topical creams & topical retinoids PUVA therapy and narrow UVB Band therapy. Psoriasis can be classified as mild to severe and the treatment is consulted accordingly. Topical creams and phototherapy are the two most commonly consulted treatments by dermatologists. Topical medications may range from corticosteroids, vitamin D analogue creams, to topical immunomodulators, coal tar, anthralin and a few others.

Another commonly given treatment is excimer laser. It is often taken as a reliable therapy which gives good results in sessions of small durations. Also, the number of sessions required are a few only.

In case of intense psoriasis, dermatologists can offer immunodulator drugs. Given through intravenous infusion, these injections can be classified as intramuscular injection or subcutaneous injections and are given to patients who showed no improvement with common treatments. Biologics is also given to patients with psoriatic arthritis. It stops the interactions between certain immune system cells and particular inflammatory pathways, chemical ones. This should be done by highly experienced and qualified dermatologists as it is a very sensitive treatment and any mistake can result in severe effects on the immune system and may also cause life threatening infection.
Systemic treatment is induced orally or through an injection.

what is best treatment for psoriasis.It is true that many treatments have come around to help reduce the effects of this skin problem, however, it goes without saying that this problem can worsen or improve in its own course of time. Hence, it is very important for patients dealing Psoriasis to be always in touch with their dermatologists. Your dermatologists can keep tracks of your pattern and can give you the proper medication to keep the symptoms at distance.