How To Use Chemical Peel for Skin Whitening

Is It Safe To opt For Chemical Peels For Skin Whitening?

Pollution, dirt, overexposure to sun, stress, scars, poor diet and many other such things take a heavy toll on our skin. Our careless attitude along with all these damaging factors, often give us a dark, spotted and highly tanned skin. Too often and too late, we realize the damage we have caused to our face. However, realizing that your skin needs help to get back to still original shade and texture, is indeed your first step towards having a good and healthy skin.

Well, naturally, one may like to try and test the home remedies first as they are easy to get done and are almost inexpensive. Plus, with most homemade facial packs, the worry of side effects is almost zero. Although, unfortunately, not all skin damage or darkening can be treated with home remedies. Sometimes, it is better to seek the advice of a dermatologist.

How to use chemical peel

Heard about chemical peel for skin lightening?

Chemical skin peels such as AHA peels offer mild skin whitening effect. The AHA peels are available in the form of the solutions which contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are Lactic acid, Glycolic acid, Malic acid, Tartaric acid etc.. Dermatologists prefer to use Lactic acid and Glycolic acid as the most skin lightening chemical peels. Chemical peels have shown desirable results for all skin types. Not only the peel can help patients lighten their skin tone but also to rejuvenate and improve the health of their skin. Chemical peels for skin lightening are safe and come with very limited and known side effects. Redness, itchiness, peeling for 4 or 5 days, are a few side effects that patients have reported after getting a chemical peel.

How does the chemical peel work for skin whitening?

The chemical peel, made up of AHA products, works as per its ability to remove dead skin cells layer from the skin surface. The peel helps incredibly in revealing the new, smooth and healthy skin. To whiten the skin, the peel removes the upper skin layers which consist of dead skin. In addition, to help grow new skin, it also impedes the growth of melanin production. It stimulates collagen production and accelerates cell renewal. With these changes, the skin gets moisturized naturally and heals different kinds of skin imperfections such as freckles, pigmental spots, birthmarks and other spots of uneven pigmentation.

The concentration of the acid decides the level of penetration of the peel into the skin. AHA chemical peels are generally mild and use concentrations of about 5-10%. This peel can be applied to any adult with skin issues. However, to gain a more prominent result, peels with the higher concentration of 10-50% are used. It is interesting to note that acid concentrations of 50-70% are also made. These are generally used to treat patients with melasma, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. It is administered under the strict supervision of the doctors.

Use of chemical peels for skin whitening has been in use for a while now. They are considered safe and effective skin whitening treatment. However, one must get it done under strict medical control.

Effective ways to treat skin allergies

Skin Allergies

Skin allergies like hives, eczema, and angioedema causes due to a number of reasons like contact with allergen or eating foods you are allergic to. When you get any type of skin allergy, red patches develop on your skin which irritate your skin. The skin itches and troubles a lot to the effected person. Skin specialists suggests a number of ways to treat these allergies effectively without leaving marks behind. A best skin doctor will tell you most effective ways to treat skin allergies after diagnosing what type of problem you are facing.

skin allergies
skin allergies

Doctors follow any of the below methods to diagnose your allergy:-

  • Skin test
  • Dimethylglyoxime test
  • Repeated open application test
  • Thin-layer, Rapid-use epicutaneous

Treating allergies at home sometimes makes the problem worse as you don’t know the actual issue behind the problem. So, it is advised to seek a good doctor’s help before going for any treatment, whether it is a chemical treatment or natural treatment. As per skin specialist the following treatments are helpful om getting read of irritating allergies.

Antihistamine tablets and syrups

Antihistamine tablets and syrups are helpful when you get insect bites or sting on skin which further cause irritation and itching. However, these medications could be taken without any prescription from skin specialist but it will be better if you ask a doctor so that any side effects can be prevented.

Anti itch creams

There are several anti itch creams available in market today which can help you feel relief from itching. Anthisan cream and calamine cream plus lotions are most common types of anti itch creams but make sure you ask your doctor before using any. These type of creams are really effective and extremely suitable for nearly all types of skin, only if you are suffering form allergy and it is not any other disease.

Steroid creams

Steroid creams are the best ways to treat your allergies effectively by working on inflammation. There are a number of steroid creams out of which some are available to be used before doctor’s prescription but how you will get to know about your problem until you don’t visit doctor. Visit the best skin doctor near you and buy according to prescription.

Oatmeal bath

Try out colloidal oatmeal which is available in powdered form and mixes really well in water. Oatmeal bath can be relieving for some of the suffers but could be reactive for others. Ask doctor and make sure your skin is perfect for it. It calms your inflamed skin and make you feel better plus always use lukewarm water as hot water make your skin dry that make it more irritating.

Thenationalskincenter gets answer to your every problem related to skin where Dr. Navin Taneja helps you with every problem. Only a best skin doctor and skin specialist can suggest you right and effective way according to the type and severity of your problem. Going for home remedies or any random cream can be helpful in some cases but the results can also be hazardous sometimes.

How to get rid of warts and treatments

How to get rid of warts and treatments

A wart can be defined as a small, hard abnormal elevation of the skin caused by papovavirus. As this virus comes in contact with the skin and results in infection. Warts are contagious and can occur in coming with a surface that has been touched by someone’s wart like towels or bathmats. They can spread from one to another part of the body.


Here are some treatments that can help you in the removal of warts:

Acid (Liquid or Patch) – It is one of the common treatment of wart, a special acid called salicylic acid to apply on the wart. The acid hurts a bit like a sting. Apply it on the wart or put the patch on it that has acid. Before applying the acid soak the wart with warm water and then buff it with any rough thing. This process helps the acid to work better. The acid peels away the skin and thus the wart comes out.

Freezing Medicine (Cryotherapy) – This treatment is done by a doctor after applying liquid nitrogen on the wart. The wart will be freeze with a spray or cotton swab. It will result in a blister covering the surroundings of the wart. The dead tissues slough off in a week. This therapy is painful and the doctor may numb the area around the wart. To fight viral warts, it requires stimulating your immune system. It is a continuous process and may require a few sittings. In every 2 to 4 weeks a doctor visit is required till the wart vanishes entirely. This therapy after combining with salicylic acid gives even more effective results but is suited for specific cases only.

Surgical process is best suited in case the salicylic acid or freezing medicines do not work, here is a list of few surgical treatments:

Using other acids – The doctor shaves off the wart’s surface and applies trichloroacetic acid with the help of a wooden toothpick. It requires a few sittings at the doctor to get warts completely off. This treatment may cause stinging and burning.

Immune therapy - This treatment stimulates the immune system and fights viral warts. The doctor injects the wart with antigen or applies any solution on the wart.

Minor surgery – The doctor cuts the wart or destroys it with an electric needle. The procedure is painful and the doctor first numbs the area. The procedure could result in a scar so it is used in case of plantar warts when all other treatments have failed.

Laser treatment - Pulsed dye laser treatment is used to close (cauterizes) the tiny blood vessels. The treatment is used to destroy the infected tissue so that the wart falls off on its own. The treatment also requires repeat treatments in every 3 to 4 weeks. Though the procedure is widely used but has limited success and is also very painful and can cause scar also.

Vaccine - HPV vaccine is an effective procedure to treat warts. Although it is not targeted directly at the wart virus, still it affects the virus that causes warts. It is especially useful in case of plantar warts.

Every time Question arise in our mind How to get rid of warts and treatments. These are treatments solve the queries and remove warts from these procedures.

A skin specialist or a dermatologist is the best one to consult your problem with. Take advice from the specialist Dr. Navin Taneja-Dermatologist at The National Skin Center.