How to make nose smaller without surgery

How to make your nose smaller without surgery in just minutes

If you ask someone that what would they change in their appearance, most people will say nose. Yes, a well- shaped nose can bring a great degree of change in your face. Your face will not only start looking more appealing but also very sharp and young. It is interesting to note that among most plastic surgeries, nose job sets the record of getting the highest number of patients. And it is not that most people are unhappy with their natural face features, many a time, people go for nose shaping because they had been in an accident or so and got their nose distorted or something. However, getting a nose job is not easy. First of all, it is expensive and secondly, getting the shape and size of your choice is very debatable. It goes without mentioning that many people got worse with their surgeries. It is not an easy task to shape up or reduce the size of your nose. Sometimes, doctors make a mistake and sometimes, your body rejects the surgery and causes further damage to your face. Hence, if you were thinking of getting nose job then think twice because it comes with its sets of limitations and challenges. Hence here we are going to discuss how to make your nose smaller without surgery.

nose treatment without surgery
nose treatment without surgery

In order to answer how to make your nose smaller with surgery, we can look at the nose job , which is an OPD procedure and executed without offering any local anesthesia and instead topical numbing cream is applied before the procedure. In this treatment, dermal fillers are used to reshape the nose without going under the knife. Once the numbing cream is applied, very small needle and very controlled injections is used by the dermatologist to fill the substance. The substance will perfectly camouflage nasal irregularities and bumps and dents. The filler substance is basically hyaluronic acid, often called as Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and Juviderm XC.

Can I look for how to make your nose smaller without surgery?

Many people think that if they have a very big, dented or scarred nose then surgery is the only option for them. Every times thinks How to make nose smaller without surgery time thiGood news! This is not true. Any individual who feels that his or her nose has the following irregularities can come for this treatment. Problems could be anything ranging from flat bridge, off center, crooked, to asymmetrical due to an injury, and big in size in comparison to other facial features. People who have got rhinoplasty done and not very happy with the result can also for this treatment.

nose smaller after treatment
nose smaller after treatment

How is it better than Rhinoplasty?

The best thing about fillers is that you do not go under any sort of surgery. Secondly, it is much cheaper than rhinoplasty and takes only about half an hour to one hour to do the entire procedure. Plus, the result you get is there for at least a year. Hence, you get to fix your nose in just 30 minutes for a year and this is quite great.

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