Most effective acne remedies

acne-remediesPopularly known as acne and medically known as an acne-vulgaris, that tiny little bit of spot on that satin-soft face could make a person suffer from an intense emotional breakdown. Looks don’t matter to people as long as they don’t socialize much. But when it comes to teens and adolescents, they are known to be sticklers of looks and beauty. Just like different colors emit different sentiments, minds of youngsters have different standpoints towards pimples and taking care of their respective skins.

Demographics of our society are changing dynamically. A new class of working population is crossing the threshold. Whilst working nine to five, one has to keep mobilizing from one working point to other. With traveling in populated and polluted cities comes the problem of pollution and dirt settling all over your skin. It demands a quick and proven solution to cure those red monsters on your face. As many skins as many problems and as many are their respective therapies.

In a country like India, it would be a myth to consider that you’d only find brown skins. Ranging from a typical fair skinned person to a totally dark complexion, it hard finds a “normal”. Considering the alternatives available in the market for skin cares, people may think of buying themselves either scientifically proven cream developed in laboratories or else they may adopt a totally traditional approach and go for home remedies and Ayurved products. Exfoliating face washes and other spa-inspired treatments could be a great way to regenerate the velvety and fuss-free skin. Knowing your skin type, the intensity of inflammation of that acne and finding an ideal remedy to cure the same, is one of the prerequisites before finding a soothing solution. Let’s have a quick look at how you may identify the above-mentioned things-

1. The Oily ones- If not hormones, then oiliness is one of the most widely accepted reasons for acne. You
cannot just “turn-off” the oil production on your face in an instant but you may still manage to cease the oil
from greasing your face.

a. Prevent yourself from heat. Heat may result in increasing the reddishness of pimple which might get
followed by brown marks and also may cause heat within the body to risen up.
b. Limit the consumption of spicy food.
c. Prevent your pores from getting clogged by oil and use a sophisticated cleanser every morning.

2. The Dry ones- Not only pimples but rosacea is also found to be affecting such people.

a. Moisturize your skin right away and don’t fall for the fragrant moisturizers rather choose the most
emollient ones.
b. Dehydration may be one of the reasons, so try and consume at least 8 glasses of water every day.
c. Acne blemishes, if any could be treated with the use of retinol creams.

All in all, to have a smudge-free and luminous skin, try to find what suits your skin better and then go for a cleansing solution.