How to prevent pimples for oily skin

how to prevent pimples for oily skin

A beautiful skin that glows and looks smooth is something that every individual wish for. No matter how sharp your features are or good your hair is, if your skin is not clean, then you would not look your 100 percent. A bad skin with pimples and marks of a pimples not only looks uneven but also not very fascinating to look at. Hence, it is very vital to keep your skin clean and clear. However, no matter how much we emphasize on this, it goes without saying that in today’s polluted environment, it is quite impossible to maintain good skin. Sun, pollution and dust and even humidity can bring problems for our skin. Especially, if you have oily skin. In this article, we are going to shed light on how to prevent pimples for oily skin.


Quick and easy tips on how to prevent pimples for oily skin

The first and the most important thing to do to keep your oily skin pimple free is to keep it clean. Make sure to wash your wash your face with a good oil-free face wash. Especially, when you come back home after being exposed to sun, pollution and dust. If dust or grease get stuck to your oily face for long time then it can block the pores of your skin and give rise to acne and pimples. Secondly, in order to treat the already existing zits and pimples, you can try a couple of home remedies. One of the very popular masks for oily skin is of curd and gram flour. Add 2 teaspoons of gram flour to 1 teaspoon of curd. Also, add a pinch of turmeric and a few drops of lemon to make it like a paste. Apply the paste to your face and neck and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes. Gently rub off the mask once it dries offs. Splash fresh water and wipe it gently. Another similar face mask that people talk about whenever the topic of how to prevent pimples for oily skin comes on the table is of honey and lemon. Easy to make and apply, these masks do wonder to oily skin with pimple. Not only they clear the pimples but also reduces the marks these pimples leave on your skin.


Getting a glowing, radiant, healthy skin is not a dream

Having a glowing, well-nourished and beautifully radiant skin is no more a myth or a result of cosmetics. One can achieve healthy, smooth skin by just taking proper care of it. It is true that oily skin needs relatively more care and attention than other types of skin but it is definitely not impossible to upkeep it. All you need to do is understand your skin and its requirements. Use products that suit your skin and try and keep it clean. Also remember that acne is quite troublesome to get rid of and also it sometimes leaves marks that are hard to eradicate. Hence, it is always better to protect and prevent your skin from having pimples and acne rather than treating them.

How to make clean and clear skin

Contact dermatologists to learn how to make clean and clear skin

Keeping your skin healthy and clean is very important. A nice, well- treated skin makes you look younger for a very long time. Negligence to skin care can lead to a number of skin troubles. You skin may have to go through a lot if you do not treat it well. And what is alarming to notice is that once your skin starts deteriorating, it demands a lot of care and medication to get better. Also, poorly treated skin can make you look old at a very young age. Hence, it is quite important to take care of your skin right from the beginning. Especially, with the pollution, stress, and dust that we all have to go through.

How to make clean skin
How to make clean skin

There are many reasons why your skin is suffering from spots, zits, pimples, acne, blemishes and so on. Besides health and hormonal issues, pollution and stress play a very vital part in ruining your skin. Many a time and with many skin types, home remedies work, however, if your skin has already gone through a lot then it is quite difficult for you to recover its shine, glow and smoothness with just home techniques. To actually repair bad skin, you need help of the dermatologists. Skin care specialists run a few tests to understand the cause of your poor skin and consult treatment that is good for your skin and overall health. Hence, if you are also looking for answers on how to make your skin clean and clear, then look for a good dermatologist near you.

Looking for a good dermatologist near you

The first thing that you can do to spot a good skin care specialist in your area is run a quick research on the internet. This will give a genuine list of all the specialists consulting in your region. Once you get the list, go through their area of work. This is important because if you are looking to get your old scar removed then it is must for you to go to a doctor who specializes in that. By looking at their treatments and cases, you can get an idea of what you can expect. Many doctors offer clinical treatments and aesthetics treatment and hence, you should look for what you need specifically. Therefore, without wasting any more time on wondering how to make your skin clean and clear, focus on consulting your skin issues with your doctor immediately.

how to make clean and clear skin
Your dermatologist will not only help you improve your skin but will also give you suggestions and treatments on how you can continue having a super glowing, spotless skin. These specialists go to the root cause of your bad skin and give you the treatment accordingly. Once you skin starts improving, they give you suggestions and required aesthetic treatments on how can continue maintaining the clear skin. Your clean skin is your confidence and hence, you should not leave any stone upturned in ensuring good, healthy and beautiful skin.

what is best treatment for psoriasis

Looking for the best treatment for psoriasis on scalp? Get it here!

We often hear about people living with the problem of Psoriasis. It is an autoimmune non- contagious skin problem that may occur to anyone, and is sometimes genetic. Psoriasis make patients have red or pink areas of thickened, raised, dry and scaly skin. However, the main reasons that can initiate this skin disorder are stress, cold weather, smoking, and infection such as strep throat or thrush, damage to the skin such as cut, bug bite or intense sun burn, excessive alcohol consumption and some kind of medications. It can cause a level of embarrassment to people dealing with it. Many people who have this skin disorder have reported of low confidence and poor self- esteem because it affects their overall appearance. Thankfully, today, we have treatments where we can reduce the effects of Psoriasis to a great extent. Chronic psoriasis is treatable with topical and systemic medication. Psoriasis can affect various parts of your body and different treatments is used to treat different parts. In this article, we are going to focus on finding the best treatment for psoriasis for scalp.


The well- known and the best treatment for psoriasis for scalp

Psoriasis for scalp is treatable by Excimer laser & Excimer Light. It is indeed the most effective therapy. Some of the other tested and quite successful therapies are Vitamin D, Topical creams & topical retinoids PUVA therapy and narrow UVB Band therapy. Psoriasis can be classified as mild to severe and the treatment is consulted accordingly. Topical creams and phototherapy are the two most commonly consulted treatments by dermatologists. Topical medications may range from corticosteroids, vitamin D analogue creams, to topical immunomodulators, coal tar, anthralin and a few others.

Another commonly given treatment is excimer laser. It is often taken as a reliable therapy which gives good results in sessions of small durations. Also, the number of sessions required are a few only.

In case of intense psoriasis, dermatologists can offer immunodulator drugs. Given through intravenous infusion, these injections can be classified as intramuscular injection or subcutaneous injections and are given to patients who showed no improvement with common treatments. Biologics is also given to patients with psoriatic arthritis. It stops the interactions between certain immune system cells and particular inflammatory pathways, chemical ones. This should be done by highly experienced and qualified dermatologists as it is a very sensitive treatment and any mistake can result in severe effects on the immune system and may also cause life threatening infection.
Systemic treatment is induced orally or through an injection.

what is best treatment for psoriasis.It is true that many treatments have come around to help reduce the effects of this skin problem, however, it goes without saying that this problem can worsen or improve in its own course of time. Hence, it is very important for patients dealing Psoriasis to be always in touch with their dermatologists. Your dermatologists can keep tracks of your pattern and can give you the proper medication to keep the symptoms at distance.

How to Remove Tattoo Without Scars

Beneficial Treatments for how to remove tattoo without scars

Tattoos have become very popular these days. Almost every cosmopolitan youngster gets a tattoo of their choice. People get tattoo for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is their eternal love for someone, sometimes to show what one’s believe and sometimes just for fashion and uniqueness. You must have noticed that in the last decade a lot of tattoo artists and saloon have into existence. This naturally proves the ever -growing sensation and popularity of tattoo among the new-age people. People are happy to live with the tattoo of their choice for their entire life. However, sometimes this may go wrong ways. Many a time, youngsters get tattoo out of fashion and they begin to resent it later. It is interesting to note that many people search for how to remove tattoo without scars on the Internet. Thankfully, today, we do have treatments where one can easily get their tattoo removed from their skin without getting a scar. It is quite a simple procedure but may be a little lengthy and time consuming. However, in order to avoid any kind of complications and skin abrasions and problems, it is must to get it done by an experienced dermatologist.


Shedding on light on treatments for how to remove tattoo without scars

If you are getting second thought about your tattoo and do not want to live your life with it on your body anymore, then the first thing you need to do is look for an experienced, genuine and qualified dermatologist or skin care specialist. Do not get lured by cheap or low-budget tattoo removal procedures as they may carry sever health or medical threat to your body. Once you have chosen your dermatologist, the next thing to look for is the kind of tattoo removal treatment you would want. There are many ways to get your tattoo removed from your body. Some of the popular and successful ways are laser treatment, laser cutting tattoo removal procedure and cosmetic surgery. Normally, cosmetic surgery and laser treatment can give you the best results as they do not leave any kind of scar on your body.

Advantages and risks attached to treatments for how to remove tattoo without scars

With the laser treatment, you can get the results that you aim for. It is a painless procedure where very little epidermal damage is expected and scarring is very minute. how to remove tattoo without scars However, the drawback with this process is that you may need around 10 or more sessions to get the desired result. Moreover, each of this session will happen at the gap of a month. Hence, it is quite time consuming. The other one is cutting tattoo removal lasers. This is great for instant removal. In just 1-2 sessions the tattoo will be removed. However, it does leave a scar which needs to be taken care of intensively. Patients going for this procedure normally have to look after and dress their scar for two weeks. The scar si more like a wound that needs proper care and medical attention.

How to make nose smaller without surgery

How to make your nose smaller without surgery in just minutes

If you ask someone that what would they change in their appearance, most people will say nose. Yes, a well- shaped nose can bring a great degree of change in your face. Your face will not only start looking more appealing but also very sharp and young. It is interesting to note that among most plastic surgeries, nose job sets the record of getting the highest number of patients. And it is not that most people are unhappy with their natural face features, many a time, people go for nose shaping because they had been in an accident or so and got their nose distorted or something. However, getting a nose job is not easy. First of all, it is expensive and secondly, getting the shape and size of your choice is very debatable. It goes without mentioning that many people got worse with their surgeries. It is not an easy task to shape up or reduce the size of your nose. Sometimes, doctors make a mistake and sometimes, your body rejects the surgery and causes further damage to your face. Hence, if you were thinking of getting nose job then think twice because it comes with its sets of limitations and challenges. Hence here we are going to discuss how to make your nose smaller without surgery.

nose treatment without surgery
nose treatment without surgery

In order to answer how to make your nose smaller with surgery, we can look at the nose job , which is an OPD procedure and executed without offering any local anesthesia and instead topical numbing cream is applied before the procedure. In this treatment, dermal fillers are used to reshape the nose without going under the knife. Once the numbing cream is applied, very small needle and very controlled injections is used by the dermatologist to fill the substance. The substance will perfectly camouflage nasal irregularities and bumps and dents. The filler substance is basically hyaluronic acid, often called as Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and Juviderm XC.

Can I look for how to make your nose smaller without surgery?

Many people think that if they have a very big, dented or scarred nose then surgery is the only option for them. Every times thinks How to make nose smaller without surgery time thiGood news! This is not true. Any individual who feels that his or her nose has the following irregularities can come for this treatment. Problems could be anything ranging from flat bridge, off center, crooked, to asymmetrical due to an injury, and big in size in comparison to other facial features. People who have got rhinoplasty done and not very happy with the result can also for this treatment.

nose smaller after treatment
nose smaller after treatment

How is it better than Rhinoplasty?

The best thing about fillers is that you do not go under any sort of surgery. Secondly, it is much cheaper than rhinoplasty and takes only about half an hour to one hour to do the entire procedure. Plus, the result you get is there for at least a year. Hence, you get to fix your nose in just 30 minutes for a year and this is quite great.

How to remove birth marks

How to remove birth marks

Often, you see a newborn with a little red patch on the body or a grayish spot on the face. Pediatricians comfortably describe them as birthmarks. Birthmarks can be of any shape and size and normally are of red to grayish bruise like color and appearance. Birthmarks are usually visible at the time of birth or get apparent in some weeks after the birth. It signifies accretion of skin pigment, vessel overgrowth. Almost all birthmarks are completely harmless, however, they may look like a little less appealing as you grow up. This is why most people who have birthmarks look for how to remove birth mark at some point in their lives. Today, a number of treatments are available to help you with birthmarks removal. If done by experienced and qualified dermatologists, the treatments are very safe and bear great results. However, you have to make sure that you get your procedures done by a certified, and experienced skin care specialist only.


how to remove birth marks
how to remove birth marks

Treatments available for how to remove birth marks

It is natural for people to look for natural remedies first when it comes to removing birth marks from your body. However, unfortunately, home remedies cannot give you the desired result. Many people try their luck with multiple application of lime juice or olive oil but it does not give them the result they want. Also, it takes months to offer any degree of result. Hence, if you are looking for one- time, immediate result then it is best to take the treatments that a dermatologist can offer you. The most popular treatments for how to remove birth marks are Pulse Dye Therapy, Nd Yag/Q-Switch Therapy, Surgical and non -surgical treatment with minimum or no scarring. These treatments are safe and result ensured.

Birthmarks removal method
Birthmarks removal method

As we know the birthmarks could be of any shape and size. It can be dark or light skin colored and also be in the forms of skin lesions, lump, and, smooth, flat or wrinkled in texture. Looking at the type of your birthmark your dermatologist will prescribe you the accurate treatment. Normally, doctors apply a specific wave length of light which is transmitted through the layers of the skin to warm up the vessels below the skin which cause lesions. The light is transmitted at specific gaps to ensure that the effect is on the desired area only and not on the adjacent tissues. The time for which the light is placed, the number of sessions required and of course, how to remove birtmarks depends on the size, texture and location of the birthmarks. The best part about this treatment is that it leaves no marks or scar on your skin. The procedure can help remove the birthmark completely or prevent it from growing more on your skin.

If this treatment does not work on your skin then surgical treatments are also available. These are also quick and safe provided you get it done by a genuine skin care specialist. So, do not wait anymore and call your dermatologist today.

How to protect your skin from over exposure to sun

How to protect your skin from over exposure to sun

Sun can have very hazardous effects on one’s skin. Many a time, we do not realize it in the beginning and repent after getting intense sunburns, and irreversible tanned skin. It is very important to start paying attention to exposure to sun right from the beginning in order to keep your skin the way it should be. However, it is almost impossible to save your skin from sun all the time. We all believe that some exposure to sun is important for your body to get vitamin D, but over exposure may cause serious skin troubles. Hence, it is important to learn how to save our skin from sun and its treatment in case of excessive exposure. The best and most easy way to protect your skin from sun is applying sun block every time. Whenever you have to go out in the sun, you must apply high SPF (sun protection factor) sunscreen lotion.

sun exposure

Extreme sunlight ruins your skin conditions

Be it acne, pimples, blemishes or any other skin trouble, it will always get over intensified with sunlight. Sunlight causes blemishes to get darker and pimples and acnes to leave more dark spots. And since no one has the perfect skin it is must to take precautions in advance. Another major impact of sunlight is aging. It ruins your skin and make it look tired, deficient and unenergetic all the time. If not protected regularly, it can also make you look old. It always better to take precautions but if you cannot, there are a few treatments that you can take benefit of. To start with, laser treatment is often taken by people to get their skin feel new and rejuvenated again. If you search for how to save our skin from sunlight and its treatment, the first choice that you may get is laser treatment. Laser treatment for skin actually works on a number of conditions such as redness, big pores, rough skin texture and tone, lines , wrinkles , rosacea , and pitted scarring.

Myths on catching sun tanning and sunburns

People have many beliefs and myths when it comes to sun exposure. One of such myth is that you do not get sun tan in winters. Well, the only difference in winters is that because of low temperature you do not feel the heat of the sun. Sun is always there to tan you unless it is raining or snowing. It is true that the intensity reduces in winters but you do get sun burn in winters as well. In fact, many times you get more tanned in winters because you go out more to get some sun and secondly, in winters your skin becomes very dry which is more prone to tanning and burning. Hence, look out for how to save our skin from sun and its treatment.

Learn how to save our skin from sun and its treatment available

If you are reading this then it is clear that you have already taken the first and the most important step of looking out for ways to protect your skin. This realization is very important. Firstly, use sunscreen or sun block every time you go out in daylight. Secondly keep your body and face moisturized. Dry skin is more prone to sunlight damaging. Also, it deepens the effects of pimples, acne, blemishes, redness and more. Thirdly, if your skin is damaged to a certain extent already, go for laser treatment. It is safe, economical and easy. With just few sessions, let us say 4 or 6, you can get close to revitalized skin.

What is Laser treatment for acne scars and how it is done

Laser treatment for acne scars has been proven to be the best available treatment to remove stubborn acne scars completely. Laser and intense pulsed light has come across as the groundbreaking, non-evasive treatment promising an enduring solution to your acne scarring. The treatment works by using short pulses of micro-fine laser light, to reach profoundly into the top most layer of your skin. The skin’s own healing process then removes the damaged tissue and rebuilds it with the fresh collagen and gives you the new skin lying under. Normally, one session of laser treatment take about 40 minutes however, it may varies depending upon the area the treatment is being conducted over. Around four to six such sessions are required to rejuvenate your skin. These sessions must spread in the course of at least 2 months. So, now that you know how to correct acne scars with lasers, book your appointment today with your dermatologist to discuss the options.


As we mentioned earlier, acne can be caused due to various reasons. Where some have acne due to excessive oil blockage, others may have due to hormonal imbalance. Hormonal changes can cause blockage of sebaceous glands in the skin. The harm that it causes in and around the pilosebaceous unit, through the acne course leads to acne scarring. Such is the most feared results of inflammatory lesions. Therefore, while analyzing the various options of how to correct acne scars with lasers, one must keep in mind the reason they have acne. To understand the root cause of your acne, your doctor may run few tests and ask a few questions about your lifestyle and diet. These tests are normally very simple and should not cause you any pain or worry.

Choosing the right laser treatment for acne scars

Acne or acne scars can create a very profound effect on one’s psychological, professional and social life. Hence, it is important for you to remove them completely from your face. If you get to erase these stubborn scars from your face, you’d be able to erase that stubborn feeling of low self-esteem and poor confidence from your life too. So, look out for how to correct acne scars with lasers and evaluate your options. There are many therapies that clear acne scars but the one that suits your skin should be chosen. It is highly advised to discuss all the treatments with your doctor first in details. Check all the side effects and procedures. Make sure you have the time to complete the procedure. Remember your dermatologist will be your best partner in taking the right decision.

Erase those stubborn acne scars forever and glow with your new rejuvenated skin

Acne is one of the most common problems that teenagers suffer from. Some may also refer to them as the sign of adolescence or puberty. This is because many a time, acne are caused by hormonal changes. Another major cause of acne is the obstruction of excessive oil trapped in ducts. Skin’s oil is produced to keep the skin moisturized and lubricated but sometimes, when it is produced in excess and gets mixed with pollution and dirt, it can cause acne. However, these acne goes off with time and after about a certain age, they stop appearing. But, what causes trouble are the scars that acne leave, once they are gone. They appear more dreadful than blemishes and some times are very hard to hide even with heavy make-up. Thankfully, there are now a number of remedies that can help you get rid of acne scars. Many dermatologists have done sincere and productive research on how to correct acne scars with lasers.

choose Best effective method of keloid removal from a list

Best Effective keloid removal Treatment

We do so much to keep our skin clean, smooth and shiny. To maintain a spotless, flawless skin, we run a routine of cleansing, scrubbing, moisturizing and more, and this takes a lot of labor. However, sometimes, even after taking care of your skin religiously, there are some skin problems that are beyond our control. Keloids is one of such skin troubles. Keloids are often formed after a deep cut or surgery. In addition, acne, vaccines, ear piercings, injections and burns can also result in keloids. It is your body’s own defensive mechanism where scar tissues form in excess to protect your skin. Keloids do not cause any health hazard but they may appear like giant scars you want to get rid of. They are like hard, shiny and red in color. Sometimes, some keloids can be itchy and little painful.

There are many ways to treat keloids. Skin specialists have found many treatments that may come as the best effective method of keloid removal as per your skin. As per the severity and skin type, the treatment can be chosen. It is advised to consult with your doctor about the various available options before going for one. Your doctor will be able to choose the best effective method of keloid removal for you. Let us now take a look at all the available treatments.

Cortisone Injections : These are the steroids injections which are usually given once a month. Patients can take the injections until the best result is obtained. They are completely safe as very little amount of steroids gets into your blood stream. It is considered as one of the most safe, easy and painless treatments.

Fractional Laser Treatment: Laser treatment for scar mean deep penetration of light into the reticular dermis, passing through the epidermis. The light helps in re-starting the healing process. What is good about the laser treatment is that it attacks and treats only targeted micro thermal zone and does not affect the neighboring tissues, leaving it normal and intact. In this process, the body is sent signal to heal the area and remove blemishes.

Laser : The pulsed dye laser is another effective treatment for keloids. The therapy allows keloids to look a lot less red and more flattened. It is a simple treatment that may require a few sessions to achieve the desired result.

Cryotherapy : Cryotherapy is performed in various ways to flatten the keloid. It is a popular and the best effective method of keloid removal. It can be done in various ways. First is contact cyro in which dip stick method is employed to smear the applicator on keloid. It freezes the keloid for some minutes and then it normalizes after. A few sessions or may be 3 to 4 are required. Second is cryo-spray. Here, liquid nitrogen is sprayed over keloid and it freezes completely. 2 or 3 cycles of such is required. The results are much better and improved. Third option is intralesional Cryo. It is one of the most popular and advanced treatment for the keloid. The cryogen, which is liquid nitrogen is injected into the keloid until it is completely frozen. Sterile cryo needles are used to perform the activity. The keloid softens in just few minutes. It is effective, and fast.

These treatments can result in impressive improvement of your annoying keloid’s feel and suppleness. Just take a few sessions of any of the abovementioned treatments and gain long lasting effect. Normally, once treated keloids will not occur in future and will subside for good. So, go on and choose your best effective method of keloid removal and erase them from your skin forever.

Discussing the causes and effective treatments for toenail fungus

Best Effective Toenail Fungus Treatments

Although your skin is the most exposed part of your body, and bears the most, it is still very sensitive and needs to be taken care of. We regularly moisturize, cleanse and scrub our skin to keep it clean and healthy. We get facials, manicures, bubble bath, spas, saunas and what not to maintain our skin and keep it rejuvenated. However, while doing so, people often forget about their feet. Feet is as important as any other body part and must be maintained just the way you maintain your face and hands. There are many easy and economical ways to treat your feet well and maintain them in the best ways. And it is necessary, to cure them right because, untreated feet can cause a number of problems-starting from simple troubles of feet crack, rashes, redness to something as major as toenail fungus. Learn about how to treat toenail nail fungus and precautions todays. Early caretaking will help you keep such troubles at distance all your life. Also, it will keep your feet in beautiful state, where you would never feel shy of showing them around or being barefoot in front of public.

What causes toenail fungus and how it should be treated

Toenail fungus is a result of dirty and unhealthy feet conditions. When dirt keeps on getting mixed with sweat, it passes under your toenail and start getting accumulated there. It looks like yellowish or brownish discoloration at the base of the fingernail. Toenail fungus not only makes your feet look dirty and filthy but it also causes health hazards It may get severe with time and can call for complete toenail removal which is very painful. Healing such conditions take time and may get infected also, if not treated well. Therefore, rather than dealing with such and looking for how to treat toenail nail fungus and precautions, we should pay attention to maintaining healthy feet. Firstly, always keep your feet clean. Use soap and scrub regularly to cleanse them. Remember your feet come in direct contact with different textures of shoes, socks and even floors sometimes, when you walk barefoot. They are required to be washed regularly to maintain the ideal level of hygiene. Secondly, wear socks that allow air to pass, preferably cotton socks. Socks can cause unwanted sweat and give conducive environment to bacteria and fungus to grow. Thirdly, avoid wearing tight shoes. Again, tight shoes can cause a lot of sweat. Fourth, keep your toenail trimmed. Long toenails can accumulate dirt and cause problems. And lastly, use anti-bacterial and anti-fungal shampoo and powder on your feet to keep them clean. These five tips are the ultimate answer to how to treat toenail nail fungus and precautions.

Home remedies for how to treat toenail nail fungus and precautions

We just talked about the precautions you can take to avoid getting toenail fungus but what if you have got it already. Let us now discuss some of the useful home remedies. You can try and dip your feet in water solution of vinegar and then baking soda. Keep your feet inside the solution for maximum 15 minutes. Regular use of such will help in reducing the problem. Another great idea is to apply coconut oil. Just a thin layer will do the needful. Repeat for about 2 or 3 times in a day. Thirdly, you may use g rapeseed oil, tea tree oil and/or orange oil treat toenail nail fungus. Take a cotton ball and add 2 or 3 drops of each of the mentioned oils and apply on the affected area. Lastly, if all such remedies fail, it is advised to consult a doctor and get the proper medications started right away.