shaping up your nose by non surgical treatment

By the Non Surgical method shaping up your nose perfectly

If you ask people about the one facial feature that they would want to change, the most common answer will be -the nose. Most people are unhappy with the way their nose looks. Sometimes, an accident or an injury can damage the right shape of your nose or sometimes, generally you want to shape your not-so-fine nose. And this is the reason why they go for various nose-fixing treatments. Rhinoplasty, the surgical way of correcting your nose is very popular. However, not everyone would like to go under the knife; plus, it is a very expensive and risky treatment. If your cosmetic surgeon is not very experienced, then you may not get the shape of your nose that you aspire for. Secondly, if anything goes wrong, then you may have to go for more nose job surgeries which may be expensive and painstaking.

Thankfully, other than Rhinoplasty, there is one more way of correcting your nose. A non-surgical nose job is very popular for shaping your nose. It is comfortable, less expensive and very quick. Dermal filler, medically known substance- hyaluronic acid, or commonly called Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and Juviderm XC, is injected to mend the dents and bumps.

Why non-surgical nose job is better than Rhinoplasty

The non-surgical nose job uses dermal fillers to get the reshaping of the nose. It is an outpatient treatment where the numbing cream is applied to lessen the pain. It is immediate and has no downtime. Small needles are used to fill the substance. The filler in the nose camouflage nasal irregularities and bumps and dents.

With Rhinoplasty, the patient needs to go under anesthesia, and after, the surgery is done, there is limited downtime of at least three weeks. And if unluckily, the desired shape is not required then it is a long process of rectifying it.

What can non-surgical nose job fix?

  • A nose that is crooked or off – center
  • A nose too big or small
  • An injured nose that is asymmetrical
  • A flat bridge where dermal fillers placement can subtly increase in height
  • A little crooked nose
  • Refinement needed after surgical rhinoplasty

After effects of a non-surgical nose job

Generally, a non-surgical nose job does not give any significant side effects. A little swelling appears temporarily. Bruises can appear in sporadic cases. A treatment should be good for two years, and the results are immediate.

You may need to revisit your doctor after 12 months for re-touch-up. Typically, it takes three sessions to get the ideal nose, and every session takes about 30 minutes only.