Botox Treatment for wrinkles

Bring Back The Charm And Youthfulness To Your Face With Botox

Botox for wrinkles

Bring Back The Charm And Youthfulness To Your Face With Botox Let us face it, we all yearn to look young and fresh, especially when we start ageing. Beautiful body and gorgeous face with perfect glow and charm is what we all desire, irrespective of our growing age. Thanks to science and body awareness, we can now accomplish looking great for many years. Healthy diet and regular exercise help us keep our body young and active. Another major easy to get and no side- effects treatment for younger looks is botox. Botox takes care of your wrinkles and fine lines. With botox treatment for wrinkles, one can delay ageing and
continue looking young.


Botox is an aesthetic and cosmetic procedure delivered through injections. It helps in relaxing the facial expression muscles which causes dynamic wrinkles. The composition injected to your face is Botulinum toxin type A.  It is very safe and has been delivering wonderful results for more than 15 years now.

Where can I get botox treatment for wrinkles

Botox treatment is best known for wrinkles and lines formed on your face, over the time. Repeated use of our facial expression muscles results in development of skin which lies above to that muscles lead to the formation of lines and wrinkle. These lines are called dynamic wrinkles. Botox can treat the following lines and wrinkles:

 Bunny lines
 Forehead lines
 Frown lines
 Crow’s feet

Botox treatment for wrinkles is for everyone

Botox is no more a celebrity’s thing. Every individual who desire to look young, fresh and firm, can now avail it. Even mothers and aunts can now look beautiful and charming with minimal or no fine lines and wrinkles on their face. Thankfully, both the procedure and the cost of getting botox is quite reasonable. The sessions ae as small as 15 minutes. In fact, you can even schedule your session in the breaktime when you are working.

How much does the Botox treatment cost?

In order to evaluate how much your botox treatment will cost, one should look at the count of units required to be injected to one’s face. The cost depends largely on the dose used and of course, the area required to be treated. Your dermatologist should be able to diagnose and tell you how much the Botox treatment for wrinkles will cost you, in the first session.

Post botox treatment care

After getting your botox injections, your doctor will suggest you a few, easy to follow instructions
for a few days to ensure the best results.

 No massage and facials for 3 to 4 days
 Complete avoidance of sauna steam, heating objects or so
 No exercise or only light exercises
 Imitate the facial expression muscles

Side effects of Botox for wrinkles

The first thought that comes to one’s mind while thinking of Botox treatment for their wrinkles and fine lines is its side effects. According to the most skin specialists, Botox has very limited side effects, and if one promises to follow post botox treatment care, the results will be amazing.

The only side effect that people come across is some softness within 3 days of their treatment.Best results can be seen after a week’s time.