Diet for Hair loss-Diet plays a vital role in controlling the hair loss

Diet plays a vital role in controlling the hair loss. If we take healthy diet then our hair fall stops and our hair density increases. Our body requires certain nutrients for hair growth and if we are unable to provide them such nutrients and the result is hair loss. It is always advised not to skip your lunch, breakfast and dinner. Diet for hair loss should be balanced.

Take lots of fresh fruits, green vegetables, and antioxidant rich diet. Protein intake should be more. If you are vegetarian than take 1litre milk in any form. If you are non vegetarian than one can eat eggs, fish or chickens.
Hair reflects the complete personality of a person. Before starting anything one should consult an experienced dermatologist. He will analyze your scalp type and according to that you will be able to judge the kind of shampoo you should choose and precautions you should take in order to prevent hair loss. One should avoid straightening, curling of hair with harsh chemicals. If one has hair loss problem and lusterless hair can go for procedure like Mesotherapy.

Some of the basic tips are….
Shampoo should be ph balanced and mild. Keep the shampoo on your scalp for 5 to 7 minutes and then wash it. One can also use light conditioner over the hair shaft. Make sure that you don’t use too greasy shampoos, oil or heavy serums over the hair

One should apply shampoo which has a uv protection and it should be mild and ph balanced. Nowadays conditioners are also available with uv protection. Avoid the sun as it’s very harsh and can make your hair lifeless and brittle so protection is must.