Types of nail diseases and ways to avoid them

Types of Nail Diseases

Fingernails and toenails are the outer part of body which are made of a tough protein keratin.The part which are inside the epidermis are only living part of nail. They protect the tissues of your toes and fingers. So, if you have the healthy then it means you have overall good health.Usually smooth and consistent in color nail are example of healthy nails but if you’re facing problems like nail discoloration and the growth of nails are also not proper in that case it is the sign of serious diseases like lung, heart, kidney and liver diseases. You need to know types of nail diseases and ways to avoid them for an outstanding health.

Nail Discoloration: As we discuss in normal case nail are pale pink in color. The part of nail which grows off the finger is white because it has no connection with vascular nail bed. But some time nails become discolored. The reason of this may be smoking tobacco, certain medications, use of hair dyes and any other skin infection.

Bacterial Paronychia: This is the problem caused by bacterial infection. Due to some reason bacteria enter into nail fold and cause problem. The people, who often bite their nails,incorrectly manicure their nails and who have small injuries face this kind of problems.

Ingrown Nails: this is also a nail disease. In this nails start growing into the skin at the sides of nails. In this situation we should not avoid the problem because it is painful and also lead infection to skin. The reason of this problem is incorrect trimming of nails like too sharp nails curves and some time tight footwear also cause this problem.

Nail splitting: In this nails start to flake into layers. They grow as layers and there is sometime bleeding also from them. The problem is caused due to overuse of fingernails, hands in constant exposure to water and use of nail polish can also be the reason sometimes.

Ways to care and prevent nail diseases

When someone is facing the nails problem then best solution is taking care. Once you start caring your nails you can prevent your nails from many problems. To prevent your nails from diseases and from abnormalities follow these good habits.

1. Never bite your nails.
2. Make sure you use only clippers to cut and trim your nails.
3. Always try to keep your nail dry and clean.
4. Trim the nails regularly and try to trim them just after bath when they are soft and easy to trim.

5. To avoid the breakage of nails use lotion on your nails.
6. In Case you are taking the professional manicures and pedicures try to take it from the certified salon.
7. Consult skin specialist if you are facing any kind of serious problems related with nails.

A best skin doctor will always suggest you a good treatment for nails and you must avoid any kind of DIYs to prevent any further damage to your nails. Dr Navin Taneja at Thenationalskincenter help you with all your queries related to nail and skin problems.