How To Remove Dark Circles Under Eye

Bid Bye To Dark Circles Under Your Eye Aesthetically & Clinically

Dark Circles Under Eye

However, you cannot blame stress or less amount of sleep for your dark eye circles all the time. According to a recent research, it has been found out that many people suffer from dark circles because of the shadows cast by puffy upper eyelids as well as hollows that form as you age.

Dark circles are basically dark pigment around the eyes that are caused primarily due to solar suffering, life style changing factors, heredity and, other reasons. Appearing mostly in adulthood, dark circles can affect both women and men. In some cases, allergies and other skin problems such as eczema, uneven pigmentation, melanin deposition can also cause darkness under the eye. sleeplessness  is main cause of under eye darkness. 70% persons ask how to remove dark circles under eye.

how-to-remove dark circles under eye
how-to-remove dark circles under eye

Dark circle under eye treatment

The first thing that most people would try with their dark circles is home remedies. There are many home- made face packs that promise good results. However, since every dark circle has appeared because of its own different reason, the same treatment would not work for all.

Thankfully, dermatologists of today have done great work in treating dark circles permanently. However, it must be noticed that the treatment depends largely on the cause of your darkness.

It is must to take your doctor’s advice before starting with any treatment or therapy. The skin specialist will first check and analyze the condition of your eye hollowness, darkness and puffiness and will suggest the treatment.

Initially, aesthetic treatments are advised such as healthy diet, enough sleep along with a few skin enriching and nourishing creams. In more severe and long- term under eye darkness cases, noninvasive advanced skin care procedures that are performed with the help of latest soft lasers, mild peels and fine fillers are offered.

Many dermatologists believe that if the skin under eye has enough fat present, then lower blepharoplasty (with fat repositioning) should do wonders as a long-term solution. Absence of fat, may result in filler injection to fill the hollow area and make the skin more nourished and much lighter.

Post treatment care routine

Once, the treatment is performed, the patients are required to follow certain essential steps under the post treatment care routine:
 No direct exposure of sun
 Enough rest and a healthy diet
 Application of soothing lotions and packs that your skin specialist has               approved of

So, it is time to bid bye to the unnecessary superfluous use of concealer and other make- up products to hide your dark circles. Instead, try and meet with your dermatologist and find out the best clinical way of removing those annoying dark circles under your eye. With the help of your dermatologist, not only you will find a better way to improve and nourish your skin but will also learn how to maintain a beautiful, glowing skin. Remember from dark circles to puffy eyes to

hollows, every kind of problem is treatable.