how to cure nail fungus

How to cure nail fungus

Onychomycosis or Nail fungus is a fungal infection of the nail. It is more likely to occur in men
rather than women and is associated with a family history of this infection. Its risk is common for people with diabetes and immune system weakness.

Nail fungus is a prevalent disease which can be identified as yellow and white spots under your finger or toenails. As the fungal infection goes deeper, nail fungus may cause your nail to discolor (white, black, yellow or green), thicken and crumble at the edge. It can affect several nails if left untreated and the skin underneath and around the nail can be painful and inflamed everyone ask the question how to cure nail fungus .

Some different types of fungus can cause onychomycosis including dermatophytes and Fusarium. You may not be needing any serious treatment if the condition is still in the early phase, However, if your nail fungus I causing pain has resulted in thickened nails, essential self-care steps and medications are required. So it is always recommended to get this treated at a place where you can get trusted treatment like the National Skin Centre at New Delhi. Even if
you succeeded in taking care of it completely nail fungus may make a comeback. So it is advisable to keep a check on the symptoms of this disease.

Symptoms Of Nail Fungus

You may have nail fungus if one or more of your nails are-

  • Thickened
  • Whitish to yellow-brown discoloration
  • Brittle, crumbly or ragged
  • Distorted in shape
  • A dark colour, caused by debris building up under your nail
  • Smelling slightly foul
  • Nail fungus can affect fingernails, but it's more common in toenails.
  • Diagnosis

    Its look often suspects nail fungus and confirmed by a lab test.

    Your doctor will examine your nails, and the severity of the disease is confirmed by laboratory testing. He or she may also take some nail clippings or scrape debris from as far up the nail as possible. The sample is sent to a lab to identify the type of fungus causing the infection.

    Other conditions, such as psoriasis, healthy ageing or yellow nail syndrome can mimic a fungal infection of the nail. So a lab verification is necessary to know whether it is a fungal infection or just a nail deformity. Pathogens like bacteria and harmful yeast can be the source of nail fungus too.

    Nail fungus Treatment

    The treatment of nail fungus is quite difficult strong advise to see the professional doctor, and a medical expert is given. You can find and easy trustable solution for your nail fungus problems by the renowned Dr. Navin Taneja at The National Skin Centre, it is one of the best skin care center runs by the best doctors of the nation.

Toenail Fungal Infection and symptoms


An infection on the nails of the hands or toenails, caused by a fungus, is called onychomycosis. The nails of the feet are more likely to develop an infection than the nails of the hands.


Fungal infections are prevalent in the fingers and toes. It is a living organism that grows in dark, humid environments, like under and around the nails.Toes are more likely to be affected by the fungus, as it is attracted to a dark and moist environment that is more common in the foot than in hand.



 The nail itself provides a protective cover that allows the fungus to grow below. An accumulation of keratin debris is usually below the free edge of the infected nail.

 In more severe conditions, the affected nails may have a yellow or brown coloration. It may thicken or become brittle over time and may shed even.

 Sometimes, the nails have edges crumbling. It can be embarrassing, disfiguring ugly, and occasionally painful.
Other names for nail fungus are onychomycosis of the nail, and ringworm of the nails.


Athlete foot and toenail fungus to grow in hot, humid areas, including public areas such as spas, swimming pools, changing rooms or showers. For short periods of time, they can live in puddles of hot water on the tile floors, waiting for someone to intervene and collect the spores. If you can wear sandals, water shoes, or swimming boots that would help keep your feet touching the floor directly. Some public swimming areas of the pool have small wading through groups that help keep the toenail and athlete's foot fungus under control. After your session in the pool or other public places, wash your feet thoroughly and dry them thoroughly. Also, it is best to go to The National Skin Centre for the treatment of fungal infection. There one can get in touch with Dr. Navin Taneja who is best skincare expert.


For some people, it can be challenging to find a natural cure to combat the embarrassment, disfigurement and physical pain of nail fungus. Some internal (non-natural) medications are available as medical prescriptions. But before taking these medicines, it is best to contact with your skin care doctor for toenail fungal infection.

Types of nail diseases and ways to avoid them

Types of Nail Diseases

Fingernails and toenails are the outer part of body which are made of a tough protein keratin.The part which are inside the epidermis are only living part of nail. They protect the tissues of your toes and fingers. So, if you have the healthy then it means you have overall good health.Usually smooth and consistent in color nail are example of healthy nails but if you’re facing problems like nail discoloration and the growth of nails are also not proper in that case it is the sign of serious diseases like lung, heart, kidney and liver diseases. You need to know types of nail diseases and ways to avoid them for an outstanding health.

Nail Discoloration: As we discuss in normal case nail are pale pink in color. The part of nail which grows off the finger is white because it has no connection with vascular nail bed. But some time nails become discolored. The reason of this may be smoking tobacco, certain medications, use of hair dyes and any other skin infection.

Bacterial Paronychia: This is the problem caused by bacterial infection. Due to some reason bacteria enter into nail fold and cause problem. The people, who often bite their nails,incorrectly manicure their nails and who have small injuries face this kind of problems.

Ingrown Nails: this is also a nail disease. In this nails start growing into the skin at the sides of nails. In this situation we should not avoid the problem because it is painful and also lead infection to skin. The reason of this problem is incorrect trimming of nails like too sharp nails curves and some time tight footwear also cause this problem.

Nail splitting: In this nails start to flake into layers. They grow as layers and there is sometime bleeding also from them. The problem is caused due to overuse of fingernails, hands in constant exposure to water and use of nail polish can also be the reason sometimes.

Ways to care and prevent nail diseases

When someone is facing the nails problem then best solution is taking care. Once you start caring your nails you can prevent your nails from many problems. To prevent your nails from diseases and from abnormalities follow these good habits.

1. Never bite your nails.
2. Make sure you use only clippers to cut and trim your nails.
3. Always try to keep your nail dry and clean.
4. Trim the nails regularly and try to trim them just after bath when they are soft and easy to trim.

5. To avoid the breakage of nails use lotion on your nails.
6. In Case you are taking the professional manicures and pedicures try to take it from the certified salon.
7. Consult skin specialist if you are facing any kind of serious problems related with nails.

A best skin doctor will always suggest you a good treatment for nails and you must avoid any kind of DIYs to prevent any further damage to your nails. Dr Navin Taneja at Thenationalskincenter help you with all your queries related to nail and skin problems.

How to Treat Toenail Fungus

Let us learn how to treat toenail fungus the easy way!

We all like to flaunt our beautiful nails. Beautiful well- shaped, groomed and colored nails augment the beauty of your feet and hands. For this reason, the nail art has gained enormous popularity in the last decade. People spend quite a lot in maintaining beautiful and shiny nails. Pedicure, manicure and nail art are some of the ways that most of us to get beautiful hands and feet. It is interesting to point out that even men, of today’s age like to spend a few bucks in getting nice- looking, clean feet. Hence, just the way you have been taking care of your body, you need to take care of your nails too. However, unfortunately, a lot of people suffer from toenail fungus and hence, have to shy away from showing their feet. Not only your feet look bad, if you have toenail fugus, it is also quite hazardous for your overall health. Hence, let us look at the treatments for how to treat toenail fungus.

Causes and treatments for toenail fungus

A toenail with fungus will primarily look like a nail with discoloration – normally it turns yellow or bluish in color. There could be a splinter on your nail. Ingrown nail and excessively thick nail are also a few symptoms of toenail fungus. The main reasons for which one can get toenail fungus are ageing, trauma, weak immune system, and infection. Sometimes, problems with your kidney or certain infection in your heart can cause toenail fungus too. Psoriasis and herpes are the other known causes of this problem. Thankfully, toenail fungus is treatable and the most common treatments include laser therapy, phototherapy and topical medication.

In laser treatment, two beams of different wavelengths are focused at the infected area. The laser beam induces disintegration of the fungus through vaporization. Normally, one session goes for as long as 15 minutes. The beam affects only the infected area and the rest of the area remains healthy and unaffected. It may take you 2 or 3 sessions to get the desired result.

Find your genuine dermatologist today!

In order to get right answer to how to treat toenail fungus, it is highly advisable to look for genuine and experienced dermatologist only. Do not get lured by cheap deals as they could come from fake or inexperienced doctors. Getting any kind of treatment from such doctors can be hazardous. It can cause severe problems to your foot and you may end up getting a longer treatment and spending much more than what you expected. Let alone the pain and problem your body has to go through. The best way to find out a genuine dermatologist to treat your toenails with fungus, is to look online. Internet can give you the contacts of many skin care specialist. Jot the names down and research about their experience, cases, fees and the kinds of treatments they offer. Fix an appointment with the one who looks genuine and veteran to you. Consult to the doctor and look for the treatments offered.

Discussing the causes and effective treatments for toenail fungus

Best Effective Toenail Fungus Treatments

Although your skin is the most exposed part of your body, and bears the most, it is still very sensitive and needs to be taken care of. We regularly moisturize, cleanse and scrub our skin to keep it clean and healthy. We get facials, manicures, bubble bath, spas, saunas and what not to maintain our skin and keep it rejuvenated. However, while doing so, people often forget about their feet. Feet is as important as any other body part and must be maintained just the way you maintain your face and hands. There are many easy and economical ways to treat your feet well and maintain them in the best ways. And it is necessary, to cure them right because, untreated feet can cause a number of problems-starting from simple troubles of feet crack, rashes, redness to something as major as toenail fungus. Learn about how to treat toenail nail fungus and precautions todays. Early caretaking will help you keep such troubles at distance all your life. Also, it will keep your feet in beautiful state, where you would never feel shy of showing them around or being barefoot in front of public.

What causes toenail fungus and how it should be treated

Toenail fungus is a result of dirty and unhealthy feet conditions. When dirt keeps on getting mixed with sweat, it passes under your toenail and start getting accumulated there. It looks like yellowish or brownish discoloration at the base of the fingernail. Toenail fungus not only makes your feet look dirty and filthy but it also causes health hazards It may get severe with time and can call for complete toenail removal which is very painful. Healing such conditions take time and may get infected also, if not treated well. Therefore, rather than dealing with such and looking for how to treat toenail nail fungus and precautions, we should pay attention to maintaining healthy feet. Firstly, always keep your feet clean. Use soap and scrub regularly to cleanse them. Remember your feet come in direct contact with different textures of shoes, socks and even floors sometimes, when you walk barefoot. They are required to be washed regularly to maintain the ideal level of hygiene. Secondly, wear socks that allow air to pass, preferably cotton socks. Socks can cause unwanted sweat and give conducive environment to bacteria and fungus to grow. Thirdly, avoid wearing tight shoes. Again, tight shoes can cause a lot of sweat. Fourth, keep your toenail trimmed. Long toenails can accumulate dirt and cause problems. And lastly, use anti-bacterial and anti-fungal shampoo and powder on your feet to keep them clean. These five tips are the ultimate answer to how to treat toenail nail fungus and precautions.

Home remedies for how to treat toenail nail fungus and precautions

We just talked about the precautions you can take to avoid getting toenail fungus but what if you have got it already. Let us now discuss some of the useful home remedies. You can try and dip your feet in water solution of vinegar and then baking soda. Keep your feet inside the solution for maximum 15 minutes. Regular use of such will help in reducing the problem. Another great idea is to apply coconut oil. Just a thin layer will do the needful. Repeat for about 2 or 3 times in a day. Thirdly, you may use g rapeseed oil, tea tree oil and/or orange oil treat toenail nail fungus. Take a cotton ball and add 2 or 3 drops of each of the mentioned oils and apply on the affected area. Lastly, if all such remedies fail, it is advised to consult a doctor and get the proper medications started right away.