How to remove tattoo

How to remove tattoo – Dermatologist’s Advice

Many people get a tattoo on different parts of the body, some feel happy but some of them regret their decision afterward. But treating is better than regretting and that’s why tattoo removal treatments are getting successful day by day. There are many treatments for tattoo removal and all are effective in their place. It is obvious that these treatments have some side effects but benefits are greater in comparison to side effects. Many options are available for tattoo removal treatments like- surgery, lotions, creams, and laser. However, the laser is counted as the best treatment for tattoo removal, so here is the answer to the question, how to remove tattoo?


Surgical Excision
Like other surgical treatments, surgical excision cuts the tattoo from the skin and then the dermatologist sews the skin back. Surgical excision is effective in removing tattoo but it leaves a scar in place of the tattoo. The method is little painful and causes irritation and itching too.

In this treatment, dermatologist removes the tattoo skin layer by layer and finally the tattoo completely vanishes. The problem with this method is also same, it leaves a scar or pale area after removal of the tattoo but it is really effective in getting rid of the tattoo. Alike surgical excision it is also painful and causes irritation and itching of the skin.

Laser treatment- the best treatment
It is an advanced and much effective treatment for removal of the tattoo. It leaves behind clear skin and prevents scars or any pale area. High energy light of the laser is used to break the tattoo into tinier particles which are further absorbed by the skin. According to the size, color, type of ink used, and age of tattoo, you might need to take more than one session to remove the tattoo completely. The treatment can cause slight discomfort that could be eliminated by taking any local anesthesia. Redness of skin and itching lasts for 3 to 7 days and there is nothing to worry about that. Make sure to prevent skin from sun rays by suing bandage or anything else as it could cause problems.

Intense Pulsed Light treatment
More or little it works in a manner similar to laser treatment. Pulses of light are emitted to the skin for the removal of tattoo and the further process is similar to laser treatment. However, the treatment is said to be more effective than laser. According to dermatologists, it is less painful than laser treatment and removes the tattoo efficiently in comparison to the laser. Still, laser treatment is preferred over Intense Pulsed Light treatment as IPL is much expensive than laser treatment.

If you are also fed up with your tattoo that you don’t like or if you are regretting your decision of getting a tattoo you should not wait long. As the dermatologists are providing the best tattoo removal treatments that work effectively. Dr. Navin Teneja is an experienced and qualified dermatologist and helps you with every skin related problem. He will tell you how to remove the tattoo and will advise you perfect treatment. Book your appointment today and get rid of those unwanted tattoos easily.

How to Remove Tattoo Without Scars

Beneficial Treatments for how to remove tattoo without scars

Tattoos have become very popular these days. Almost every cosmopolitan youngster gets a tattoo of their choice. People get tattoo for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is their eternal love for someone, sometimes to show what one’s believe and sometimes just for fashion and uniqueness. You must have noticed that in the last decade a lot of tattoo artists and saloon have into existence. This naturally proves the ever -growing sensation and popularity of tattoo among the new-age people. People are happy to live with the tattoo of their choice for their entire life. However, sometimes this may go wrong ways. Many a time, youngsters get tattoo out of fashion and they begin to resent it later. It is interesting to note that many people search for how to remove tattoo without scars on the Internet. Thankfully, today, we do have treatments where one can easily get their tattoo removed from their skin without getting a scar. It is quite a simple procedure but may be a little lengthy and time consuming. However, in order to avoid any kind of complications and skin abrasions and problems, it is must to get it done by an experienced dermatologist.


Shedding on light on treatments for how to remove tattoo without scars

If you are getting second thought about your tattoo and do not want to live your life with it on your body anymore, then the first thing you need to do is look for an experienced, genuine and qualified dermatologist or skin care specialist. Do not get lured by cheap or low-budget tattoo removal procedures as they may carry sever health or medical threat to your body. Once you have chosen your dermatologist, the next thing to look for is the kind of tattoo removal treatment you would want. There are many ways to get your tattoo removed from your body. Some of the popular and successful ways are laser treatment, laser cutting tattoo removal procedure and cosmetic surgery. Normally, cosmetic surgery and laser treatment can give you the best results as they do not leave any kind of scar on your body.

Advantages and risks attached to treatments for how to remove tattoo without scars

With the laser treatment, you can get the results that you aim for. It is a painless procedure where very little epidermal damage is expected and scarring is very minute. how to remove tattoo without scars However, the drawback with this process is that you may need around 10 or more sessions to get the desired result. Moreover, each of this session will happen at the gap of a month. Hence, it is quite time consuming. The other one is cutting tattoo removal lasers. This is great for instant removal. In just 1-2 sessions the tattoo will be removed. However, it does leave a scar which needs to be taken care of intensively. Patients going for this procedure normally have to look after and dress their scar for two weeks. The scar si more like a wound that needs proper care and medical attention.