How warts can be treated and symptoms

How warts can be treated and symptoms

In most cases, the doctor can diagnose a common wart by using one or more of the following techniques:


 Scraping the top layer of the wart for signs of small, dark spots – clotted blood vessels – that are common in warts.

 Removing a small section of the wart (scraped biopsy) and sending it to a laboratory to analyze it to rule out other types of skin lumps.



The most frequent warts disappear without treatment (although one or two years may pass) and new ones may develop in nearby areas.

Some people choose to go to the doctor to treat their warts because the home treatment does not work and the warts are annoying, they spread, or they are an aesthetic problem. Dr. Navin Taneja at The National Skin Centre is one of the best skin care doctor so if you face warts issue then contact with him.

He may suggest different approaches, depending on the location of warts, the symptoms, and your preferences.

The goal of the action is to obliterate the war, rouse an immune system reply to fight the bug or both. The treatment may take weeks or months. Even with treatment, warts tend to reappear or spread. Doctors generally start with less extreme methods, especially when it comes to young children.

 The cold therapy that is performed in the doctor’s office involves the application of liquid nitrogen to the wart. Freezing consists of creating a blister around and under the wart. The dead tissue comes off after about a week. This method can also stimulate the immune system to fight viral warts.

You probably need to repeat the treatments.

 Other acids If the salicylic acid or freezing is not working, the doctor may try ichloroacetic or richloroacetic acid. With this method, the doctor first shaves the surface of the wart and then applies the acid with a wooden stick. It is necessary to repeat the treatments approximately every week. Side effects are stinging and burning.

 Laser treatment: The pulsed dye laser treatment burns (cauterizes) the small blood vessels. The infected hankie finally dies and the wart waterfall. Evidence of the effectiveness of this method is limited and can cause pain and scarring. Many people ask the question How warts can be treated, as per medically warts freeze by liquid nitrogen, it is the best method of warts treatment.


Home treatment is usually adequate to eliminate common warts. Many people have eliminated warts with:

Exfoliating medication (salicylic acid). OTC products to remove warts, such as salicylic acid, are available as a patch or liquid. These products require daily use, usually for a few weeks. For best results, dip the wart in warm water for 10 to 20 minutes before applying the medication. Between each treatment, remove the dead skin with a disposable file or a pumice stone.