Non-Surgical Nose Job Treatment in Delhi, India
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Non Surgical Nose Job Treatment in Delhi, India

Non surgical nose job treatment by fillers, it correct the nose or nose reshaping treatment without surgery. It is an Non-OPD procedure which can be done without the local anesthesia with topical numbing cream prior to procedure. It’s a very safe procedure and one can go to work just after the procedure. It is non surgical nose job treatment
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Nose Reshaping without surgery Treatment in Delhi

TNSC is The best place for nose reshaping treatment,It is corrected by the fillers and, correction of the nose bridge, nose reshaping without surgery treatment. If your nose is uneven or deviated nose, dermatologist can correct the shape and give you a good aesthetic results. the tip elevation with different types of latest fillers and injectables.

Rhinoplasty Treatment

Rhinoplasty treatment is a surgical treatment, It is done by the rhinoplasty specialist doctor.

Cost of non surgical nose job treatment in Delhi

Cost of non surgical nose job treatment is arround INR 25000/- to INR 50000/- Nose Reshaping treatment cost depend on amount of fillers used.

Who should Approach
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What is Nose Job Treatment

The non-surgical nose job is a procedure that uses dermal fillers to achieve reshaping of the nose without going under the knife. Nose job has been used as much as for cosmetic reasons as it has medical condition.

The typical rhinoplasty involves insertions and it is done under general anesthesia and there is a definite downtime, usually one to three weeks , it is usually a painful procedure and it requires being done with general anesthesia with down time . The non surgical nose job is an out patient procedure where we do it under numbing cream , we apply numbing cream for about 15 min. and then with a very small needle and very controlled injections we place the filler substance. Fillers in the nose are basically to camouflage nasal irregularities and bumps and dents.

who should approach nose job treatment
Who should approach for the non surgical nose job?
  • A flat bridge: Typical of Asian ethnicity dermal fillers placement can create a subtle increase in height.
  • Slightly crooked nose
  • A bump or hook on the bridge of the nose can be camouflaged
  • A nose that appears too large or too small in comparison with other facial features.
  • A nose that is crooked or off – center.
  • A nose that was injured so that the nose is asymmetrical.
  • A nose that needs refinement after surgical rhino plasty.
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What are the Treatments available for non surgical nose job?  

A filler substance, generally hyaluronic acid, named Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and Juviderm XC are controlled and precise injections to hide away dents, bumps, side way deviations, raise the nasal tip, or contour irregularities to restore a more symmetric look to your nose. The end result is that your nose will look more proportional and smaller in your facial frame. 


Dermal fillers is used to camouflage defects .The length of time it lasts depends on individual factor but we expect it will last about 1 year to 2 years

  • The result of the treatment is immediate.
  • There is some swelling after the treatment which is very transient and bruising is very rare.
How often is the treatment repeated?

Since the effects are long lasting, the treatment need only be repeated after 12 months, although occasional touch ups may be needed. When soft tissue nose job is performed, up to 3 treatments are performed over a couple of months to build up the desired structural appearance. 

Duration of the Treatment 
the treatment takes 30 min. to an hour depending on the area of treatment. 

  • Time, money and recovery time required-all of which are much less than a traditional rhinoplasty.
  • The dermatologist will also manipulate the filler once it’s injected to make sure it is injected at the right place
  • You are always awake during the treatment; you can work with your dermatologist to get the result you’re opting for.
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