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Facial Contouring

We loose volume in middle face because of the less collagen and fat as we age because of which skin looses its elasticity and it sags. We rebuilt it by facial contoring and sculpting.

Best facial contouring and sculpting by radio frequency and ultrasound therapy by vareity of filling agents and botox.

Natural cosmetically pleasing facial contoring and facial sculpting by restoring the volume of face by simple non surgical methods to difine jaw line for receding chin to create cheeks.

What is Facial Controuring
Treated Areas
How long does it last
What is Facial Contouring

Non surgical facial contouring is a new approach that makes you look and feel younger.

Facial lipoatrophy (loss of facial fat) is a natural part of the aging process, this loss of facial fat can be severe in some people,which leave them feeling older than they are. Facial contouring with Botox and fillers can restore volume to the cheek and jaw line areas, providing a natural looking, long-lasting results. Body contouring and facial lifting and toning are the most sought after aspects of new aesthetic technologies.

Each dermal filler and botox has unique attributes and requires subtle variations in injections technique to optimize results .An individual’s unique facial characteristics skin conditions and correction needs will determine which products and procedures should be used for superior outcomes.

Some people utilize a non-surgical facial contouring to rejuvenate the entire face .Others undergo the procedure to lift or contour specific facial features ,such as nasolabial folds ,sunken eyes,and cheeks depressions through dermal fillers.

What areas are treated through Botox?

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What is the masseter?

The masseter is a muscle located in the jaw. Responsible for moving the jaw, it allows the teeth to clench or chew, People who have a larger masseter (hypertrophy) often have a square jawline. Non- surgical jawline contouring with Botox works by blocking nerve impulse to the massater.This allows the massater to relax so that it can gradually reduce in size . Improvement of the jawline becomes apparent up to 6 weeks after a session and results may last from 4- 6 months. Although in some instances it can even last up to a full year depending on the individual.

For how long does it last?

You will probably find the treatment effect lasts 3 to 4 months. But many of our patients happily report that, by returning for repeated treatments, this time interval can be extended to six months or more. Most people are using Botox Cosmetic as a natural extension to their beauty regime . While it will almost definitely make you feel better about your appearances, we are hearing from many people of all ages are using Botox Cosmetics on a regular basis . It is most often used in patients from the late twenties upward to improve the earliest signs of aging, especially in areas around the eyes and forehead .

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