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Best Alopecia Treatment in Delhi

Treatment of Alopecia in male and female at any age whether it is A.areata (bald patchies) or A.androgenetic (baldness) and all other types can be controlled and treated.

Best alopecia treatment for A.areata and A.andrgenitica by latest oral topical and injectable therapy

Alopecia can be because of hereditary problem, nutrition deficiency, physical and emotional stress endocrinal l disorder under lying health problem

What is Alopecia

Alopecia is a condition in which hair is damaged or lost from some or all areas of the body, usually from scalp. Because it causes bald spots on the scalp, especially in the first stages, it is sometimes called spot baldness

Types of Alopecia

There are two main types of Alopecia 
Alopecia Areata occurs when the body’s immune system attacks hair follicles and causes hair to fall out. 

Androgenic alopecia on the other hand, is an inherited form of hair loss. In androgenic alopecia, hair on the head thins and falls out. In men, this is called male pattern hair loss, in women; it is called female diffuse hair loss. 

In 1% or 2% of cases, the condition can spread to the entire scalp (Alopecia Totalis) or the entire epidermis (Alopecia Universalis). 

Symptoms of Alopecia

the most common symptom of alopecia areata is hair loss, in which the hair usually falls of a quarter. Although many people with alopecia areata get only a few bare patches, some people may lose more hair. In rare case, the condition can progress to complete loss of hair on the head ( alopecia areata totalis )or complete loss of hair on the head , face and body ( alopecia areata universalis) . 

In cases of alopecia areata universalis, loss of eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as hair in the nose and ears, can make the person more vulnerable to dust, germs and foreign particles entering the eyes, nose and ears. 

In Male pattern baldness, receding hair line, especially at the temples, progressively widens bald spot on the crown of the head. 

Female pattern baldness, overall gradual thinning of hair throughout the scalp. 


Causes are still unknown.

  • AA is non communicable, or not contagious.
  • It occurs more frequently in people who have affected family members, suggesting that heredity may be a factor. .
  • Various kinds of cancers that include lymphoma and basal cell carcinoma
  • As a result of pregnancy.
  • Malnutrition, anorexia nervosa, abortion or crash diets.
  • Physical or emotional stress
  • It is slightly more likely to occur, in people who have relatives with autoimmune diseases.
  • The condition is thought to be an autoimmune disorder in which the body attacks its own hair follicles and suppresses or stops hair growth.

The effectiveness of medications used to treat Alopecia depends on the 
*causes of hair loss 
*extent of the loss and 
*individual response 

The types of treatment of Alopecia that are approved by the FDA includes- 

MINIOXIDAL-  content.................................................

CORTICOSTERIOD-Topical corticosteroid or Injections of cortisone into the scalp can treat alopecia areata. . 

MESOHAIR- MesoHair Therapy can restore hair lost or thinning hair. Hair Loss treatments are injected into a specific area in the scalp with the use of a needle as tiny as an eyelash. . 
Mesotherapy is an advanced cosmetic treatment for all types of alopecia and male/female pattern baldness. 

Mesotherapy replaces the vitamins, minerals which the body loses with the ageing and stress. The hair loss medications in Mesotherapy for hair can stir up blood flow to the scalp and revive hair follicles. Through micro injections, the hair loss treatment delivers nutrients to improve the tissue environment, and stimulate hair growth, straight to the hair follicles. 

Mesotherapy is a series of microinjections of vitamins, minerals and DHT blockers directed into the scalp to promote hair re-growth. Mesotherapy for hair is a safe, simple and cost effective option to restore hair without hair transplant. 

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