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Scalp Disease Treatment

Scalp disease



Scalp Disorder
scalp disorder
What is Scalp Disease and disorder

scalp disease and disorder are Scalp problems due to under lying skin conditions of the scalp causing irritation itching redness and scaling and sometimes even painful bumps or boils this is not a single disease and disorder but many different types of skin diseases which occur on the scalp sometimes it can be because of cleanliness and hygiene problem of scalp or hair care products hair styling products or hair color hair dyes which can be simply dealt with by avoiding or minimizing the use of the causative hair styling or hair coloring products but in other cases it can be due to under ling skin disease of the scalp which can be infection bacterial fugal infestation ,allergic condition, seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis of the scalp can be taken care by topical or oral medications.

Causes Scalp Disease and disorder

There can be multiple causes for scalp related problems

-Hygiene and cleanliness of scalp along with variety of hair care and scalp care products

-Contact allergic reaction or contact irritant reaction because of chemicals used for hair styling and hair coloring

-Pediculosis capitis- head lice infestation-very common in children as well as adults

-Dry scaly scalp- can be because of pityriasis capitis (common dandruff), psoriasis of scalp-thick dry plaque of scaly skin, scalp eczema

-fungal infection of scalp –tinea capitis –which is a ring worm dermatophytic fungal infection

-seborrheic dermatitis it is an inflammatory skin condition of scalp or oily areas of body in which greasy scaly redness and itching is common

-Bacterial infection- boils folliculitis cystic and infected acne of scap

-Auto immune disorders like lichen plannus, pseudopelade,lupus which leads to scarring -

Symptoms of scalp disease and disorder


Most symptoms are because of under skin problem of the scalp or it can be because of poor scalp hygiene and sometimes allergic reaction or contact irritant reactions to hair care products and harsh chemical used or hair styling procedures, common symptoms are-

-Irritation over scalp

-Itching on the scalp

-Scaling on the scalp

-Pain and tenderness and swelling on the scalp

-Redness, rash, oozing on the scalp

-Boils, acne eruptions cyst formation over scalp

-Losing of hair because of scalp disease and its progression


Treatment depends upon its cause it is most important for us to get the condition diagnosed in first place and take the treatment accordingly. Treatment depends upon underling skin condition which caused scalp disorder if the cause is infected weather it is fugal or bacterial has to be treated with topical anti fugal shampoo or oral anti fugal drugs, pyoderma scalp or bacterial infection to be treated with antibacterial wash and oral anti biotic if the condition is auto immune scaly conditions like lichen planus or psoriasis to be treated either by topical immunomodulator or topical corticosteroids and medicated shampoo if cause is allergic to be treated with anti allergic medications and avoidance of the product which caused contact all types of scalp problem to be dealt differently but there are certain common hair and scalp care measures -shampoo daily or at least alt day use mild ph balanced shampoo conditioner only over hair shaft and use minimal hair styling products minimize tractional chemical or thermal trauma to scalp if the product is giving allergic reaction like certain hair color to be avoided completely.

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